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  • Practical.

    posted by scomp

    Compact, small size, nice design. Many capability, so there is no problem with the power outlet perhaps around the world. Under the side cover are stored spare fuses. Button to prevent accidental insertion of contacts. USB adapter lights. I ordered again for a colleague at work.
    USB adapter lights. Compact, small size, nice design. I ordered again for a colleague at work.
    Very practical. I recommend. USB adapter lights. I ordered again for a colleague at work.
  • Great thing for travelers

    posted by dacha111

    - Very useful - can save you a lot of money, space and hassle concerning the different adapters- It solves a problem of basically ALL (seriously, all) combinations of plugs that exist in the world.- Very compact (connectors are retracted inside when not used, thus making it small in size)- Very lightweight (it will not add almost any excess weight to your luggage when you travel)- Very intuitive and easy to use (just turn the ring until you see a connector that suits your needs, as simple as that)- Some of the devices of this kind (with multiple adapters in one) can have bad wiring inside the box, so it can make some short circuits or something, but this one has no problem at all - tested with many devices- Good quality- Cheap
    If you were looking for an adapter that could solve all the problems with adapters in foreign countries, this is it. This device has all of these in one small, lightweight, compact package.
    Very useful product for travelers. It will solve your problems with adapters no matter where you live and where you go, for good.
  • very good charger for even better money

    posted by lilbhemi

    Great charger. Has green/red LED that indicates if the battery is charged or being charged. Very easy to use, none settings needed. Long cable.
    The over-voltage protection works fine, it stays on 14,20V when battery´s fully charged. The revesed polarity works too, it doens´t indicate it, but it simply does not charge (green led)
    I´m going to buy more soon to maintain the batteries in all our cars in company.
  • Good charger.

    posted by mrsnipey

    This is a very handy charger. I bought it to charge my 14500 protected batteries and it does that perfectly.
    When charging, the lights go red. Once the batteries are charged it seems to turn off so there's no confusion as to whether your batteries are charged.
    Charges 2 of my 14500's in under three hours - probably closer to 2 but I didn't time it exactly.
    I haven't tried charging my 18650's in it yet but it certainly charges my 14500's fine.
    Good charger for flashlight addicts. Especially those of you that have multiple battery types (like me).
  • Good product!

    posted by danielviegas

    Excellent product for charging my extra battery from my Galaxy Nexus (i9250) while charging my phone via usb cable too. Good finish and great functionality. Comes in standard with adapter for U.S. and European standard, much like with the new standard used in Brazil (100% compatible)! Great for travel! Very recommended!
    Excellent product!
    Very recommended!


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