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These cool us eu adapter are high quality and at affordable prices. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Browse iphone us adapter or us adapter uk to find what you are looking for. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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us eu adapter Customers Reviews

  • Works both ways

    posted by Strath

    A well made and easy to use gadget. No instructions needed, just rotate and see what pops out. The pins for US/AUST/NZ have to be adjusted by hand but it is easy and obvious.
    Really useful in that it is effectively a double ended adapter not just your country to others.
    Useful for travel almost anywhere
  • Perfect charger

    posted by debisius

    I know people will wonder why i am writing a review on a 'general charger'. Let me just first say it looks original and perfect; that's not a pro anyway.
    As i have said before, a lot will wonder why i commented. I just wanted to bring people prompt to the fact the this is 'MINI USB power adapter' and not 'MICRO USB POWER adapter'. I mistakenly ordered for it since i read it's for blackberry (old blackberry i guess)
    Please check and recheck mostly connector types before ordering.
  • Functional, solid and light

    posted by Haryadoon

    * Very functional for almost every power point in the world* Very functional for almost every power cord in the world* Compact design* Lightweight, easy to fit in luggage
    For travel, this is a nicely-designed product. Unfortunately, if you are using only one of the three parts, the other remain loose. When you are travelling, this could mean losing track of these parts, rendering the device mostly useless.I did purchase a white one of these last year, and it came with a small cloth bag, which is perfect for keeping these parts.
    Good price, good product, nice design.
  • It works as it should.

    posted by CPyoshi

    Good alternative if you need to convert US to EU plug.Seems sturdy enough.Mine was tight and wont fall of the us plug.
    Standard colour is always good, there is a SKU for a black one as well and that is really good.Not so much more to say about the product itsef, it deos what it supposed to do.
    I would recommend to everyone who needs to convert US plugs to EU plugs.´If you want with ground you need to look for another converter plug.
  • Battery Charger

    posted by HellsChicken

    Thanks to the four connectors, I can charge all my devices in one plug. (iPod, HTC phone, Battery Backup, HTC Tablet) Saved me a whole socket!
    it's a very good device, although the very bright blue light is very annoying if you use it in your bedroom. I've tried to put some tape on the light, but it shines through the tape and the sides. This is a very big side effect.

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