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  • good charger, but slow

    posted by gogogoalex2

    Light indicators: pink (charging), mix of pink and blue (almost charged), and blue (charged).Its resistant because i tested my old ace with a similar charger for almost 2 years and dont break and still working.
    Its night charger. U need a night to charge it. Or 10 hours (half day). For me its useful because i can charge it during night, or before i go work, and i return and its charged or nearly charge.
    Buy it if u see its useful
  • Perfect charger

    posted by debisius

    I know people will wonder why i am writing a review on a 'general charger'. Let me just first say it looks original and perfect; that's not a pro anyway.
    As i have said before, a lot will wonder why i commented. I just wanted to bring people prompt to the fact the this is 'MINI USB power adapter' and not 'MICRO USB POWER adapter'. I mistakenly ordered for it since i read it's for blackberry (old blackberry i guess)
    Please check and recheck mostly connector types before ordering.
  • There is no speaker!! Only light.

    posted by pmbuyit

    One device for car and hotel. Two USB ports to use for load devices, output current measured surely 1A boths (my device will take not more). The charger has strong polyethene case, which is better than common used polystyrene - is almost unbreakable.
    Case looks as if it is not possible to open it - no screws or so, but is easy to open with a small sharp knife. There is a fuse in the case, so remember - if not working, try to open it.
    I bought it because of the speaker, so I was disappointed. But aside from this, it is a good device.
  • Works great

    posted by asdasd123123

    Has a nice clear displayMenu system is enough to figure out the charger.Has a bunch of connectors in the box fits most batteries.Came with a power supply.
    Hilarious with a SUNY charger, had a regular ATX triple pin so I just had to switch the 230v cable.Not terribly obvious but it can refresh NiCD, NiMh and Lead acid batteries too.
    Not sure if this is an original, I can't really tell, has a little holo sticker at the bottom.Works as intended however, fast charge, balance charge, NiCd refresh and everything.Charges just about anything RC.Get it
  • Great

    posted by BlackDaveOrigin

    This is good as a replacement when you break your official charger.It is smaller and portable compared to the original one.
    great replacement if you broke the original and want to trade it in at Gamestop or something (did that with my DS)
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