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This is our best us ac adapter, they all share a great design and great prices. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! You can also browse usb ac adapter and psp ac adapter. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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us ac adapter Customers Reviews

  • Excellent! Working Well!

    posted by JohnMarkh

    It is just work. Unwrape the package, plug it in and woalla... works! Build quality is avarage, meaning no exposed wires, no cracks in the housing and all the connectors are of the right side.
    Nothing really... just make sure that you buy the right electric blug type (i.e. US, UK, EU, etc.)
    It is a good product for the right price. A few minor complains regarding the cable/wire length but these are minor cons.
  • Good for the Price

    posted by metermonkey

    Works well as intended. It's a great replacement to a broken power adapter. Would also be good to have a extra in another room instead of lugging wires to each tv.Cord is adequate length, same as the original.PriceCame protected in the box for shipping.
    For the price you can't buy a original power adapter. It's worth waiting for it to arrive.
    I bought this as a replacement for my sister-in-law's wii. Her system wouldn't turn on and for $9 I thought we would try this instead of tearing the wii apart. I bought this in October and it is still working fine!
  • Excellent

    posted by MishiMallow

    Excellent pricevery sturdyconvenienteasy to toss into my bag when I need to goI can use items I brought from foreign countries and only need the one adapter.
    It does what it needs to do with no fuss and fiddling. It is also a much lower price than buying from a local store. The one I bought in the airport had fussy little switches and broke very easily. This one still works even after my friend's dad stepped on it. Its also wonderful that I can order products from overseas and be able to use them.
    Would buy this again if I need another one.
  • Great when you have several devices to charge

    posted by fiechterjm

    The "Universal AC Power Adapter with USB 4-Port HUB" is a great accessory, particularly when you have several devices with different plugs, and you don't want to lug many different adapters. Does what it has to do at a great price. And also comes with a great service from DX & timely delivery.
    The "Universal AC Power Adapter with USB 4-Port HUB" is a great product, sold here at a great price, and with a great service from DX. What can one ask for more ?
  • it works! it really really works!

    posted by 00Dev

    it's sleek black colour allows it to blend into dark shadows, concealing the bright love giving energy being delivered into your phone.
    I feel like a product of this sort does not really lend itself well to a gradient spectrum. it either works or it doesn't.......and what a happy surprise, it works!
    it can really charge your phone as promised! the cord was all twisted up from the delivery i guess. seems sturdy enough. it probably won't be seeing alot of dramatic motions that might necesitate a stronger design

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