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You can buy cheap universal usb charger from us. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. usb wall charger or multi usb charger contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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universal usb charger Customers Reviews

  • Could be better

    posted by Zanga2

    This device can do the following:- Charge phone or other device via USB using power outlet (110~240V)- Charge phone or other device via USB using a 18650 battery as power supply- Charge 18650 battery from power outlet (110~240V)- Charge phone batteries (using the adjustable pod and clamp) from power outlet (110~240V)All above tested and working.- It also has a switch that indicates that it can charge a phone battery from a 18650 battery.Not tested yet.
    - Do not forget to buy a flat pin adapter.
    - It's a very useful device. Even though it does not excel at anything in particular, it has a lot of uses and functions.
  • Good and compact charger

    posted by alexbern

    Pretty compact charger. Looks like the build quality is pretty good.It has no LEDs which is advantage to me as I don't like to be disturbed by a light in a dark room at night.You can know if it works or not be connecting to your device. No need for additional LED.
    I tried it only on iPads and iPhones, not on Galaxy phones of tablets. It says on the charger that it's good also for Galaxy. I believe it will work as it's the same voltage and current requirements as for iPhone and iPad.
    Good compact charger. Pretty cheap too.
  • Great device

    posted by amirkom

    Very useful device. In my opinion it is better than all the vacuum-held on the window devices, because it doesn't obscure the road when driving the vehicle.Can charge the phone when in use, which is a plus.Fairly robust - fits firmly in the socket and doesn't bend easily. All the joints have screws to be fatsened.Wide enough to hold any cellular phone I've seen.
    Very good, useful device. Does not obscure the road when driving. I recommend it to all the drivers out there.
  • luxury design with 2 usb port built-in

    posted by enigman

    --it has two usb ports with one input for normal plug--has blue LED to let you know it has power--easy to use with sliders on each side of the plug--sturdy built with reliable design
    --written indicators on each slider will be helpful, but you can look at the plug side anyway
    --great design and features to match its high price
  • Works with Jolla and Nokia charger.

    posted by MikkoZ

    - easy to install- easy to use.- works with Jolla- works with Nokia Fatboy Qi charger
    I could use one in which the cable leaves diagonally from plug. Since micro-usb plug and camera are at the middle of the phone, I needed to reroute the cable by folding it at two points. Each folding adds up bump to back cover of the phone.This 500chars minimum limit is stupid for product this simple.
    Easy to install, works ok.


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