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universal usb battery power

Check out the great universal usb battery power to see if there is any that suits you. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.

universal usb battery power Customers Reviews

  • Looks and feels great

    posted by Faulenzer

    Plastic looks well machined, pieces snap together perfectly. Doesn't look cheap at all.I could fit Lithium cells removed from an old laptop battery.Managed to boot a Raspberry Pi with it and keep it running over 5 minutes (as headless server)
    I will try to make a bypass, so it can work as a UPS for my Raspberry Pi
    Perfect for charging your cell phone, but since voltage drops while charging the bank, intended usage might not be possible
  • Simple and very useful

    posted by Hanzosw

    * LED display showing charge level, that can help to understand battery status and not only to charge.* Extend USB port turning this device also to regular USB charger.* Giving opportunity to charge your device also in the car
    Nothing to add here :)
    Cheep, simple very useful.Worth it's money and one of "must have" equipment
  • too small for galaxy s4 !

    posted by BeeOne

    nice build, can charge most of cell phone battery with it's moving charging pins
    the charging pins doesn't stay in place, so you have to replace them each time you plug your battery in the charger.
    This is a good product if you own a cell phone with a normal sized battery, but if you have a galaxy s4, forget it, this product is not for you.
  • Great for emergencies

    posted by Sakokuruto

    -Charges my phone really fast! -The battery comes with a cap so that you don't damage the microusb. The cap is attached to the battery itself by a string so that you won't lose the cap itself.- The microusb is long enough even though my phone has a case of moderate thickness on it. (I'm not sure about otterboxes).- 4 little lights on it indicate when it's done charging and when it has no more juice left to give. - Very nice and compact size. I can easily fit it in my purse or pocket.
    I'm currently testing it out and had my phone at 64% on standby. It's been charging for over an hour (expressing that it's only at 1 charge light for a good 30 minutes) and my phone is already at 94%. I'm confident that it can charge my phone to full.
    If you know you'll be out for a long day and/or will be using your phone a lot, this should be enough to pull you through.
  • Excellent quality for the price

    posted by harsat

    very good quality especially regarding the price. It is solid, 2 amp and 1 amp charger. flashlight is nice, and seems like it can work the flashlight for a week on one charge. batteries are replaceable but they use a very short version of the 18650, thats not so easy to find.
    on the other hand - many aliexpress items need very short 18650 batteries and this product got 5 of them. also - very good for bicycle flashlight - as long as you are not a weight freak and you do not mind the weight....
    very recommended = especially for the price. good for tablets that require 2 amp charge. very happy with purchase.

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