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universal travel power adapter

Buy a universal travel power adapter from DX.com! It's your best choice. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. We recommend universal travel power plug adapter, power supply adapter universal as hot products. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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universal travel power adapter Customers Reviews

  • No joke: everyone who travels internationally should own one

    posted by Bananaduck

    This thing really does every country! You've probably seen plug 'converters' which change a UK plug to US, Australian to Asian, etc. Or you may have seen ones that change all countries to Australian, all countries to US, etc. This actually has all plugs as well as all sockets. So can plug any plug from around the world into any socket around the world. It's also really compact which is a plus. Comes with an instruction manual with several languages.
    The instruction manual shows a USB module that can be used with it. It's not included in the package... Actually, SKU 11488 has it: http://www.dx.com/p/travel-all-in-one-universal-ac-adapter-with-usb-power-11488
    For nine dollars it's almost an essential addition to your travel arsenal.
  • Really useful for travelling

    posted by GayoIomao

    It has all possible plugs for every country you can visit.it is easy to switch the plug.It has an USB plug, really useful to charge your mobile phone.It comes in a handy pouch, perfect for travels.
    I bought it for my travel to Japan and I found it really helpful. Now I know than I can visit any country without being worry about the plug is used there. This gadget covers all of them!
    I recommend it.
  • Great thing for travelers

    posted by dacha111

    - Very useful - can save you a lot of money, space and hassle concerning the different adapters- It solves a problem of basically ALL (seriously, all) combinations of plugs that exist in the world.- Very compact (connectors are retracted inside when not used, thus making it small in size)- Very lightweight (it will not add almost any excess weight to your luggage when you travel)- Very intuitive and easy to use (just turn the ring until you see a connector that suits your needs, as simple as that)- Some of the devices of this kind (with multiple adapters in one) can have bad wiring inside the box, so it can make some short circuits or something, but this one has no problem at all - tested with many devices- Good quality- Cheap
    If you were looking for an adapter that could solve all the problems with adapters in foreign countries, this is it. This device has all of these in one small, lightweight, compact package.
    Very useful product for travelers. It will solve your problems with adapters no matter where you live and where you go, for good.
  • Cheap, does the job but I would not leave this running 24/7

    posted by LB750123

    2 devices delivered for quite a cheap price.Did the job for me when traveling in the us, I was able to charge my mobile and tablet with no issues.They take very little space in my backpack.
    I will definetely reuse it when travelling.
    Practical but I will use a more expensive adapter for long term connections.
  • almost perfect

    posted by gduder

    Works perfectly to charge all my USB devices including iPod, iPhone, Kindle, and Kindle Fire.
    As soon as DX offers a 4-port 2A USB charger *without* any annoying LEDs, I'll be the first to buy it!
    Great device, would buy it again. You may want to cover the LED for use in the bedroom though.

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