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universal portable power

You can find fashionable universal portable power at a low price. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! Customers can also browse external portable power or portable dual power to find their desired products. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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universal portable power Customers Reviews

  • Functional, solid and light

    posted by Haryadoon

    * Very functional for almost every power point in the world* Very functional for almost every power cord in the world* Compact design* Lightweight, easy to fit in luggage
    For travel, this is a nicely-designed product. Unfortunately, if you are using only one of the three parts, the other remain loose. When you are travelling, this could mean losing track of these parts, rendering the device mostly useless.I did purchase a white one of these last year, and it came with a small cloth bag, which is perfect for keeping these parts.
    Good price, good product, nice design.
  • Excellent quality for the price

    posted by harsat

    very good quality especially regarding the price. It is solid, 2 amp and 1 amp charger. flashlight is nice, and seems like it can work the flashlight for a week on one charge. batteries are replaceable but they use a very short version of the 18650, thats not so easy to find.
    on the other hand - many aliexpress items need very short 18650 batteries and this product got 5 of them. also - very good for bicycle flashlight - as long as you are not a weight freak and you do not mind the weight....
    very recommended = especially for the price. good for tablets that require 2 amp charge. very happy with purchase.
  • Good price, minimalist design

    posted by tonyl

    Cheap price.Nice build.Charging status led (yellow = charging, blue = full).
    Packaging is different than picture.There are so many similar looking ones on DX but this one cost the least since it doesn't come with cables.
    I charged my Galaxy Nexus from 1% to 70% in 3 hours 20 minutes before it stopped charging. (Nexus was turned off during charging and the stock battery is rated 1750 mAh).I cannot confirm if the capacity is really 2600mAh.Someone get this and open it up :P
  • Best design I have seen

    posted by Haryadoon

    * Great compact design* Looks and feels very well made* Solid but lightweight* Functional for almost all power sockets and plugs in the world* Comes with a very nice case that fits all parts perfectly
    I have other universal adaptors and I think this one has the best combination of functionality, compact design and light weight. This one is designed in a rectangular shape instead of round like many others. The small plastic case is nicely made and works better than the cloth bags that sometimes accompany similar products.
    Great product. Get two.
  • good

    posted by cial44

    This is a very nice gadget for your recharging when you travel. It charges with you usb or electric network and sun. It takes a while to fully load as it is a large battery, but then I can load my phone several times to 100%. Extremely good value for money. As said, the charging itself takes a while to get the full 4 lights led, as in fully charged. But hanging my phone on it, the phone reloads very fast. I also recharged a tablet etc. Charges very well. Reloading by sun is possible....but does take forever, so that's definitely a case of emergency. You can load till one led and recharge your phone. That works brilliantly.
    Value for money. Great product. Can't go wrong with this for you phone. And other energy absorbing things!

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