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Check out the great universal mounting brackets to see if there is any that suits you. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

universal mounting brackets Customers Reviews

  • Usable Arca-style ball head, good value

    posted by Exount

    Works well for non-demanding applications, and capable of supporting most non-exotic camera setups (I tested with a 1.8kb camera + lens + flash combination).Arca-Swiss style clamp and bracket, compatible with many other manufacturers (but marginally so -- see below).The ball knobs are dampened with thick grease (you can hear it gurgle when rotating...). Decent rubber coating on the knobs.
    This ball head uses the common design of main knob, friction-lock knob and horizontal rotation knob. No surprises.The clamp and bracket are Arca-Swiss style, but a bit narrower than usual, so some of my clamps can't fit down into the bracket (even at maximum extension) and I have to slide them from the side.The clamp has a locking pin, but it's a weird type that doesn't work with any of my brackets. It's easily and reversibly removable.The thread at the base of the ball head is standard 3/8 16. An adapter to 1/4 20 thread is not included.
    Excellent value. Excellent functionality and decent ergonomics, but be prepared to clean and glue-in the 3 screws at the base.
  • Useful bracket

    posted by nrh2005

    It's of metal and rigid, resistant plastic, not soft one. It folds in several ways to fits the best angle to what you want. It's exactly like the photos. It's very easy to use and there's no need of tools to assemble or disassemble to put it the very way you want.
    It's useful not only on bikes, but in any stuff you can secure the bracket. The limits are your imagination.
    It's worth for the price, for the features it has and for the material it's made.
  • Professional flash bracket

    posted by bolmania

    It is a very solid bracket. Truly professional. Can be folded by unlocking the joints. These are solid as well.At the top is a flash hotshoe, which can be screwed off. This is very handy, as one would need to use a flash cable. The end of the cable (which is also a hotshoe) can simply be screwed on.
    Now I need to find the occasion to use the flash on this bracket. I am not really a professional who needs to flash on a daily basis.
    It is definitely a good investment.
  • bike mount for Cell Phone or Music player

    posted by scootskute

    Works as expected. It has a quick release latch to adjust to the handlebars and latch on for a secure hold. Padded arms squeeze in to securely hold phone or music player. Easily holds my Galaxy S4 to display map application and/or music player.
    This device easily and securely holds a phone so that the display can be seen while riding a bicycle. Use with caution and be aware of where you are riding to be sure that you are safe.
    If you want to be able to see and/or touch your phone screen while you are riding your bicycle, this device will make it possible.
  • Excellent universal holder

    posted by luqas

    Doesn't take much placeSimple constructionGood suctionDesign
    Excellent universal holder, copy of Samsun. universal holder which I own as well but this cost only about 1/4 of the Samsun. original. Only drawback is that the hinge (even when locked as much as possible by screwing) is not tight enough so when you try to adjust the position a bit it will get loose and you have to unscrew and screw again to get it tight again. But if you just put a phone there and then release it's not moving at all. The release is also not as smooth as on Samsun. original.
    I definitely recommend this, second best holder I ever had! (#1 is the Sammy original one, but the price don't worth it I guess)

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