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  • Large tension wrench

    posted by Eckankar

    * Has the most common types of picks in a decent quality.* The picks seem to be decently made.* Comes in a plastic holder, which seems durable enough.
    Could'a used a smaller tension wrench in addition to the one provided.Apart from that, it seems reasonable.
    Useful set of picks, but you might want to get another tension wrench somewhere else.Apart from that, it seems reasonable.
  • Remommendable

    posted by miraculix

    Sufficient quality, fair price.
    When programming microprocessors like ATtiny and Atmega328 I used a simple selfmade Arduino prototyping shield with an ordinary IC socket.Hovewer, IC sockets are not designed for this kind of application and specially the 8 pin ATtiny is hard to remove. After bending some pins again and again I was looking for a better solution and found this nice Programming Lock Seat.
    Remommendable for those who programm or read microprocessors, EEPROMs etc. on a regular basis.
  • Great tool set for a decent price

    posted by viktor0980

    The pick set looks great. The quality exceeded my expectations. All pieces are made from metal - steel with aluminum alloy handles. They all look very sturdy and well built. If you need these for work, they will make your life easier.
    As with everything these days - could be cheaper. The picks look like they can be changed if necessary. I don't know where to find replacements though. The set comes with a handy case that keeps all pieces in place.
    I'm really happy about the pick set. A great product if you use picks often. It will last for a long time.
  • Quite handy remote for upgrading or replacing your central locking

    posted by ivark

    Comes with batteries in both remotes;Nice and relatively small unit;Responds from about 20 metres in the open... have not tried much further;Draws about 10-20mA in idle and up to 100mA on switching, which is more than OK in my case;Has a "dry contact" relays;
    For the price it seems quite handy for either installing a new remote operated central locking or repairing/replacing the old one.It is easy to use and manual is in legible English which IMHO does not take an expert to read and understand. You still need to measure some outputs take humidity issues into account though.
    I would recommend you this device if you need a replacement unit with reasonable price. For new installations, consider something hermetic.
  • Great lock pick set

    posted by brakovson

    Very smooth lock picks, they go in most narow civil locks and padlocks. The picks are flexible and strong, a lot of diversity so you can choose what pick to use on which lock. This is my favorite lock picking set because it gives the most feedback of what you're doing inside the lock. It doesn't give the wrong information about a pin being in place or not. That's because of the perfect smooth surface of the metal picks.
    I didn't try it on car locks but it works great on civil and padlocks. It opens most locks in under a minute.
    Very good set but maybe a little expensive because of the extra carlock tools. But I'm still very happy that I bought it.

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