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universal lithium battery charger

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universal lithium battery charger Customers Reviews

  • too small for galaxy s4 !

    posted by BeeOne

    nice build, can charge most of cell phone battery with it's moving charging pins
    the charging pins doesn't stay in place, so you have to replace them each time you plug your battery in the charger.
    This is a good product if you own a cell phone with a normal sized battery, but if you have a galaxy s4, forget it, this product is not for you.
  • Great product

    posted by jarren84

    Do what it meant to, the make is good plastic...not easily damage...
    maybe can come in more colors so as to match the interior of our cars..a simple LED indicator will be much better so as to let the user knows that the battery is fully charged so as to prevent over charging of any battery.
    Just buy one and try and u will see what i am trying to say. Its really paying peanuts and getting gold nuggets in return...
  • looks like a toy

    posted by mlksa

    It's compact and lightweight. It's cheap, however it isn't far better than a $2 noname 220-to-USB charger you easily find here at DX.
    Build quality is good, PCB is soldered accurately, plastic looks good.
    Description says there is auto-polarity detection, and it seems to work, however the PCB is signed with + and - marks, which mean polarity matters. I can't find a datasheet for controller IC used in this charger.
    When you connect the battery, and disconnect mains plug (or there is a power fault) you see anyway one red LED indicating the battery connected. I think it would discharge the battery after time.
    Well it works, it's cheap, however it doesn't what you expected from such a promising LED display.
  • Super duper battery booper

    posted by ironsmiter

    super simpleuses a third movable "stud" to keep the battery straight across the contacts.springs open enough to charge EVERY old cell phone and tablet battery I own.Spring is stiff enough to hold the battery securely, but not at all hard to spring out to place the battery in for charging.
    Even Google translate had no idea how to translate the writing on the box. Combined with the non-polarized 'almost-US' plug... I suspect this is meant for the Japanese market? Or possibly, it is just a Chinese Unpolarized NEMA 1-15 plug? Either way, It's better to plug into a power strip, with a second outlet supporting the body.Usb port is a nice addition, if you have a spare phone battery, but no dedicated battery charger. this lets you charge over usb AND keep your spare topped up. Voltage sags a bit under "rated" draw, but still charges phones fine. Would not suggest trying to charge your tablet through that port however.
    Charges the batteries.Cheap as can be.Gets the job done.

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