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  • Solid build and easy to operate

    posted by OZuser

    At first sight this is a very good unit, size (125mm tall) made from a solid looking hard black plastic with metal parts where they are needed. The lower mount, is an aluminum insert that fits up into the stand and is secured by a thumb screw. Locks and fits well and easily removed.The centre is hinged and locked at any angle with a large knob, very positive acting, and easy to operate. Moving parts here are made from steel and are strong.Umbrella mounts into a 9mm hole through a plastic block and is secured with a small thumb screw. Locks the umbrella in place very well, maybe too well, as the shaft on some umbrellas is rather soft and could be dented is excessively tightened.A screw thread protrudes from the top of the bracket for mounting of cameras, and the usual lock nut for tightening is provided. (could be longer)A well designed aluminum flash mount is provided to attach onto the camera mounting nut. Its strong and grips the flash shoe very well. Will work with the common type of flash (not Sony) and hot-shoe contacts won’t short out.
    Solid materials have been used, a reasonable buy, but make sure the flash screws on far enough.
  • Great bag

    posted by 12428

    It's a great bag for daily us or for photography.It fits 3 bodies, or a body and 2 lenses. I actually use it for 3 small cameras and for a day-to-day bag (took of the compartiment and fill it with documents and other stuff). The cameras are staying very good in the compartiment.The bag is very confortable.
    It would work to be waterproof, at least, don't know if it's shockproof.
    I like it very much.
  • High quality, yet inexpensive

    posted by jmartama

    Seems to have very good build quality. Soft and comfortable shoulder part. Extra strap in armpit keeps the camera in place while crouching or bending. Slides smoothly up and down. Strong quick release hook with locking mechanism for easy camera detachment. Working stoppers that prevents camera from sliding back and forth when walking. Looks professional.
    I'm very pleased with this product and I haven't used the original strap since I got this. It's much more comfortable than original, even with heavy camera equipment it feels very nice. I can move around in my home studio and keep camera with me. It's can be used while walking and still the camera is ready all the time.
    This is a must replacement for original camera strap.
  • Cheap and effective

    posted by joostdh

    Cheap and effective. Stays on well.
    The plastic seems sturdy. The finish might seem a little dated but it’s only a lens cap and have you seen the price? I used this on a Pentax DA 40mm f/2.8 XS which came without a cap and this fits the bill. Even in a rucksack, in between other stuff the cap never came off unintentionally. On the other hand, while shooting the cap came off and secured perfectly fine. I can also recommend this as a replacement cap so you can keep your original push-on Pentax cap - which can come of by accident - at home.
    Works well and a great price. Recommended.
  • Car Swivel Mount Holder for Camera

    posted by mcmurphy789

    Car recorder had bad holder and it was broken. This unit 100% compatible with my car video recorder. My video registrator looks like SKU: 47144.
    I think this is good replacement part for broken holder. I think it better then other one. With video registrator looks like SKU: 47144 you do not have any problem.
    I think this is good replacement part for broken holder. I think it better then other one. With video registrator looks like SKU: 47144 you do not have any problem.

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