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If you want to purchase universal ac power, this is your best place to buy it. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. ac power plug and ac power socket are the hottest keywords that customer use. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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universal ac power Customers Reviews

  • Universal adaptor is a real need these days

    posted by diobsb

    It's universal. It would fit lots of kinds of plug, even the new brazilian standard.
    It would be great those adapters, if they fit well. But unlike other EU plugs that I have at home, they are a little thicker, sufficently to make them useless at home.
    Of course this product is of great value, but take care if you think they can fit your sockets just because of their round pins. I can still use some of them with some power bars or so..
  • Usefull adapter for server room

    posted by Benderr11

    Good quality electrical adapter. I can be used in travel around the world, because IEC-style power cord can be easily found many countries. But beside traveling, this electrical adapter very useful in server room. Because in server room usually is only rack power outlet to connect servers and and have no ability to connect laptop to a power source if the battery run out.
    I often use this adapter in server room and travels.
    Also is is nice gift for engineers who often visit server room.
  • Great power supply!

    posted by karatekid

    You can change voltage from 15-24V. It also has an usb-port to charge a cellphone or something like that. It has an INBUILD FAN, wich is really important to me because the last two suplly's I had from DX died really fast and I guess it has something todo wit their internal temperature.
    I hope this one doesn't die as fast as the other, although build quality seems alot better.
    The price it a bit bigger than the other supply's on DX, but two of the cheaper ones I've had died within the month. (When this one does, I wille dit this page). So If you want a cheaper supply than the local IT-(wannabe) expert. I would recommend this one!
  • David

    posted by davirevi

    The remote works perfectly. Syncs well with the Wii and the motion does not give problems.It's like the original in form, colors, stickers and text.The buttons have a touch and a resistance equal, which makes it very comfortable.
    If I put this command and added together (without cover) only differentiate if I raise the battery cover and see that you have the Chinese and the other in English.
    A very good command a good price. It is worth saving.
  • This is a good deal.

    posted by tanekakariki

    This charger is Brilliant! I can even charge using usb and the dc adapter at the same time. Works fine in the car, and allows the charging of a bunch of different stuff, though I haven't used the 15 or 24volt settings as yet. Build quality seems good with a sturdy casing. The dc plug attachments have two different sized posts on them so you can't put the connectors on the wrong way around. I let it run for several hours, and it didn't have any overheating problems. It was barely warm after all that time. A similar unit in NZ is NZ$180.00 so this is a fantastic deal! Thank DX, you da best!
    For me, this is really well worth the money. And the car and USB adapters are a real plus. If you want a good multi-purpose adapter/charger, this is the one!
    It's worth it!


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