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Every single uniquefire led flashlights displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. blue led flashlight, solar led flashlight may be more suitable for you. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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uniquefire led flashlights Customers Reviews

  • Value for money

    posted by oberinspektor

    very good 1 mode lamp.
    extremely bright.
    good built.
    last about 2 hours on fully charged 2400 mah battery on nonstop use.
    very good throw.
    very good lamp for the money very bright , one of the best out there 1 16850 based.
    1 mode lamp..no shit with bullshit modes you dont need, on and off. just check it wenn you get in the mail for loose connections en lube it a bit and go!
    packaging here on dx has to be improved!! mine was damaged on arrival!!. stupid bubblewrap.
    if you buy it think that all 18650 battery types other than the 2400 type wont fit without a selfmade spacer. but this light is really worth the money. no money wasted!
  • Great light

    posted by yrnkrn

    Bright light. Considering it runs on one AA it is very bright. The flashlight uses one of the most efficient CREE leds, hence more light and less heat.
    Also, using one battery is a big plus. With several batteries sometime polarity flips, one battery goes negative while others are positive. This destroys rechargable batteries and may leak alkalines. Replacing one battery is also easier, I always have several LSD NiMH ready to replace.
    I don't have lithium batteries so I did not try it. I didn't see any problem with the threads.
    Buy it.
  • Good - if yours works

    posted by cowana

    This torch is really bright, with a nice beam pattern
    This torch runs the LED at its maximum power - it gets pretty warm and is giving out as much light as possible
    The body of the torch is nice and tough
    The torch is fully waterproof - I've had it running under water
    Very nice to use when upgraded to a forwards clicky
    Long battery life
    Proper SOS mode - not too slow either
    Comes with a wrist strap (removable)
    I think it is the brightest torch you will find of this size and using a P60 host.
    Buy buy buy!
  • Very bright light for the price but did not last.

    posted by datsrboi

    VERY bright small light. I was impress by how nice it was. It was also very convenient how it uses AA batteries and fit in my pocket.
    Great for the money but wish it last longer. I do not know what to do with it now and its just a paperweight in front of my computer.
    Wish they sent me a new inner head or something because I just wasted 12 bucks so. Looks like a good flashlight though and bright for what it is.
  • Nice Beampattern for MTB.

    posted by thomasgermany

    Nicely Brightgood runtime 2:30 with SKU: 20392Good pattern for MTB and daily useNice Finish, Design and coatingclean threadsglass lensfits proper with SKU: 20392
    This flashlight was a lucky choice for me. Im still glad to have it, but think to enlarge my collection with an XML-T6 in near future.


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