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  • For the military collector

    posted by gasbag11

    Very solid feeling. Fairly well detailed but probably not an exact replica. It's the right shade of green for an army tank. The barrel swivels about 15 degrees in either direction, but returns to center when you let go. Just pull the little tab out of the bottom, and it's ready for battle.
    When you press down on the turret, the light comes on and it makes noise.It almost sounds like someone saying"fire". Almost.If you hold the turret down, it makes different sounds that might be machine gun fire.
    It's not super bright, and when you hold the turret down, the light flickers a little while it makes different sounds. Anyone who likes military stuff would probably love this. Kids too. For the price, with batteries included, It's definitely worth it.
  • It was better some years ago

    posted by Wajyi

    - It's a nice conversation starter- You can say you are a messiah and that you have the light in your pockets to bring bright to the people- It can be used to find things that you dropped or the keyhole of the door- It's cheap and the size of a credit card- You can replace the battery
    Could be brighter, could be white. Or have different colors, I bought a few already and it's all yellow.But it's really fun and you should do the messiah thing.
    Buy it, it's cheap, a great gift, a great play and sometimes useful, also it's the size of a credit card.
  • S003 Unique Elegant Party Pearl Pendant Necklace with Rhinestone - Light Go

    posted by rasanjali

    This item came within 14 days, Oh I can't belived my eyes when I see it, NICE!!!NICE!!!NICE!!!NICE!!!NICE!!!NICE!!!NICE!!!If you think you want to give present for your mum, I full recommend this "S003 Unique Elegant Party Pearl Pendant Necklace with Rhinestone - Light Golden"
    This is an awesome gift for you mum, Girl friend, sister or wife etc.
    Why are you still looking? buy Now. Don't miss this chance.
  • skull shaped bike lights

    posted by Doxysss

    great for driving a bike late at night , it's very bright and has a long range, with these you can be seen from very far , even in daylight , the batteries last very long , the price to quality ration is great , a great quality product for a very very low price
    the multi-colored leds are great , as is the two modes they can be lit in ( one is constant light , and the other is flashing with different colors for each flash
    great gadget for anyone who drives a bike , for those who drive a bike in daylight and especially for those who drive at night
  • Small and handy light

    posted by Shannoes

    Another surprisingly useful item at an unsurprisingly good price. The shape makes it very easy to tuck this light away for when it's needed. The great price means you can buy a few of them and keep them for last-minute or impromptu gifts.
    Although the listing says they use CR1216 batteries, when I received mine they had CR1220 cells instead. This is good because CR1220 is a much more common size. Search DX and you'll find a couple of listings for them (at an excellent price, of course).
    Superb emergency lighting, great price as usual, just don't expect high performance.

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