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ultrasonic measure Customers Reviews

  • nice product

    posted by AshkenaziAvi

    it is nice to work for estimated mesurement.it is very easy to use.it is very light to hold it.the display is easy to read.the shape is line traditional meter, and it is nice.the battery is standatd and small, can be used for a long time.
    for the price it is a nice measurment device.in a second thought, a laser distance meter it is better for more accurate usage.
    nice device.
  • Excellent ultrasonic module

    posted by electgpl

    Excellent ultrasonic module has arrived safely and in good condition, is REALLY EASY to use only necessary to send a trigger signal and wait for you to return an echo, the idea of this module is measurement of distance and obstacles. and the best way to use is coupled to a microcontroller. Anyway, it is very easy to use and configure.
    The module can make walking very easy with a simple program within a micrcontrolador, has many interesting applications.
    Get this one, you won't find it cheaper.
  • Cheap, easy to use!

    posted by Jumba990

    Very cheapEasy to useHas a decent accuracy
    The range is about 15 cm.And for those looking to buy it for use with an Arduino, I've attached a sample code of how I used it. Obviously you'll have to calibrate it a bit first, but this will hopefully help you to get started with the ultrasone.http://pastebin.com/NzwLdUnQ
    Good ultrasone sensor for the price, only useful for distances under 15 cm! I ended up destroying mine when soldering, I accidentally heated it up too much. So I'd recommend on taking care when soldering since if the plastic inside melts it will immediately stop working, or return random values.
  • Stable quality

    posted by f11lbert

    This is not first HC-SR04 item I use in my projects.But each time I am pleased with the stability of the items.So you can order as many as you need for your project and you will get the stable quality.
    Very good and very cheap unit - you will spend more if you try to assemble it by yourself from separate components.So do not hesitate just use this ready to use one and do not waste your time to assemple such a simple item by yourself.
    I would recommend it to everybody.
  • Very simple to use, good price and quality sensor

    posted by margrilo

    This is a very good quality sensor, principally compared to it's complexity circuit board.It is very simple to use. If you check for some arduino codes over the web, it's just a two digital pins to keep to work.it has a fast response with good accuracy. i could measure more than 2 meters and in the other opposition 1 cm.the price is incomparable cheap due to the complexity of it's circuit board and the quantity of components necessary to it's construction.
    this is a very usefull sensor. you could use it as a proximity sensor in robots or just to check is someone is passing.it can identify non electrical os magnetical objects as plastic or water in a bottle, this is very usefull too.I used it a very simple and powerfull library from: http://www.f15ijp.com/2012/09/arduino-ultrasonic-sensor-hc-sr04-or-hy-srf05/
    Buy this sensor. You can inprove your projects and build some other very nice and usefull stuffs with it's help.It's cheap and easy to use.besides the miss of documentation, with some minutes on the web you can have it all you need about it.


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