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ultrafire xm-l led Customers Reviews

  • Excellent Torch Very Bright

    posted by DarrenAllen

    Waterproof, durable, lightweight and decent battery consumption. Very bright on high setting, good throw of the beam. Even on the low setting it produces enough light and distance of beam to be able to see your way around in the pitch black of night time. I use these torches for pest control on farms mainly for rabbits but the throw of the beam allows you to pick up other animals at over 100 yards away.
    It's a very good torch and the pros definitely outweigh the cons where this unit is concerned.
    A decent torch at a decent price. Very bright and would work well in lots of situations as well as the one I use them for.
  • Power flashlight

    posted by sukica

    Very strong and I mean very stron light comes out of this flashlight, some time even to strong. Very good built quality. Small size and fits into the hand nicely.Very low price for what you get.
    You should definetly buy this flashlight if you need strong bright light, or you just want to blind a friend. The price is fantastic.
    It's a good buy. I am very happy for buying this flashlight, becouse this is my first realy strong one. Definitly a good buy.
  • Great but could be better

    posted by emilthesaint

    -Tons of light output
    -Perfect size when you need a bit more light but do not want to carry a large light.
    -Actually has mode memory in spite of the description stating otherwise
    The light is actually a little to small to be able to handle the high output that the XM-L delivers. There is no way of handling all the heat produced on High in with this body size. So it should not be intended for full time use on High-mode.
    I can not figure out how to dismantle the whole thing. Only the front and the tail comes off. The part where the driver and the pill is seems to be glued or similar to the main tube.
    I measured 8700 [email protected] Will have to get an analog meter from my office to measure the tail current but judging by the heat produced it probably is 3 A as stated.
    Nice looking light great when you need that extra boost of light but do not want to carry a large one.
  • Cheap and great!

    posted by henioslaw

    Great light, very strongNice colorCheaper than old models (e.g. black one)Good sealsReally good quality
    Very fast shipmentUnfortunately my Post Office is from Stone Age,so I need to wait a little bit longer, but it was shipped in 2 days after buying!Springs on both side of the aku, 18650 fits perfectly although there is a little space, You feel it when shacking, but no problems with light, so it can be used for bicycle or tourism. Driver seems to be as stated.I will buy another one definitely.
  • Perfect relation between quality and price

    posted by janmilewski

    Very well built, black anodised aluminium body, sealed bindings, sealed power button, mineral glass front shield, compact size. Very strong light.
    Battery inserted into the torch has little, horizontal gap causes breaking ('resetting') the light while shaking the torch.
    Reliable and worth the money

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