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ultrafire wf-502b led

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ultrafire wf-502b led Customers Reviews

  • Perfect relation between quality and price

    posted by janmilewski

    Very well built, black anodised aluminium body, sealed bindings, sealed power button, mineral glass front shield, compact size. Very strong light.
    Battery inserted into the torch has little, horizontal gap causes breaking ('resetting') the light while shaking the torch.
    Reliable and worth the money
  • Strongest lamp for the price in DX!

    posted by falmi

    It is amazing bright. Not to focused but it's flood beam is brighter than other focused lamps. I use it every day since 4 months and it works perfectly.
    Very bright, perfect build quality, water-proof. It works in -17C (I tried it :-) )It can light a whole football field.It is very usefull when no electricity at home (storms)it can light a whole room better than the conventional bulbs.
    I think this one of the best buy is Dealextreme!It has nice white color light.
  • decent lamp, but not extraordinary

    posted by ICanuwundra

    + accepts drop in modules, available here
    + powered by 18650 batteries, which have good capacity for {price,size,weight}
    + sufficient protection against permeation of water - can be dropped into a filled bucket.
    + clip is fixed with screws, and appears to be rather sturdy
    driving the LED beyond specs reduces its life time, but then, if it only makes 1000 hours instead of 100000 hours, at that time I probably want to run the light with another drop-in anyway. A 0..100% brightness control plugin is what I'm after now. I'm also looking forward for an XP-G drop-in (supposed to produce about 25% more lumen/watt compared to R2).
    14° throw cone (12 cm/meter)
    pulls 1.3A/800mA/80mA in high/medium/low intensity mode (measured at battery when fully charged)
    through modular drop-ins, this light can be kept up-to-date with recent emitters or efficient drivers.
  • Expert

    posted by HermesL

    - Bright, acceptablely.- Battery life is excellent.- Switch is solid and works all the time.- Water Proof- Glass is clear
    - I like the ON/OFF only functions, no need to switch around for modes.- Bright enough, why people need anything brighter? It hurts your eyes already with this.- A good tool to blind people's eye if using a tool for self defence is not legit in your country.- Solid construction, dropping it doesn't distort is alot.
  • Good for the money. Not perfect though

    posted by spaideri

    This is my first high power LED flashlight. So my oppinions are accordingly
    Gives out a nice amount of light. Nice metal casing.
    Nice quality for the price.
    Good product to begin the experience with LED flashlights.

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