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  • decent lamp, but not extraordinary

    posted by ICanuwundra

    + accepts drop in modules, available here
    + powered by 18650 batteries, which have good capacity for {price,size,weight}
    + sufficient protection against permeation of water - can be dropped into a filled bucket.
    + clip is fixed with screws, and appears to be rather sturdy
    driving the LED beyond specs reduces its life time, but then, if it only makes 1000 hours instead of 100000 hours, at that time I probably want to run the light with another drop-in anyway. A 0..100% brightness control plugin is what I'm after now. I'm also looking forward for an XP-G drop-in (supposed to produce about 25% more lumen/watt compared to R2).
    14° throw cone (12 cm/meter)
    pulls 1.3A/800mA/80mA in high/medium/low intensity mode (measured at battery when fully charged)
    through modular drop-ins, this light can be kept up-to-date with recent emitters or efficient drivers.
  • Great value for money

    posted by ClaymoreMD

    - good throw- high brightness- low price- switch is reliable- better quality of the switch than in sku 202255- there is no big difference in the throw between this one and sku 202255.
    I use Ultrafire flashlights for 2 years now, this particular one for several months. Local policemen buy them as a replacement for their Maglites.
    If you are someone whose life depends on reliability of his gear, you may want to get something from Fenix. For 99% of others, this flashlight will offer a great value for their money. It's bright enough for searching for people in hight mode while lasting the whole night in low mode. It's as powerful as a car light and fits into your pocket. If it breaks, you can just order a drop-in module and fix it in a matter of seconds. You can't go wrong with this if you prefer textured reflectors. Otherwise check the sku 202255.
  • Perfect flashlight

    posted by vladoal

    Very bright clean white beam with great throw and flood. Build quality is excellent. 3 mode ( hi, low and strobe) are weary useful. Using The flashlight with SKU 933 Rechargeable 18650 battery and still without the need for recharging.
    The one that i ordered was given es a gift, so i ordered another one of these for me.
    Best flashlight i have seen so far. Great for use on the bicycle. If you need flashlight, this is one that you should have. Buy and you wont regret.
  • Excellent value! Good quality.

    posted by ImmoSci

    Extremely bright LED - blindingly so...Fairly small sizeGood battery life from 18650 cell (a salvaged cell from laptop batteries)Excellent rugged build quality
    In my order, there was a charger included but no battery. If using protected cells, I am sure the charger is safe, but for unprotected cells, I recommend a charger from a well-known manufacturer - It is too easy to cause a fire with 18650 cells if one is not careful enough.
    A great value torch for those who want extreme brightness for a good price. This easily can compete with more premium brands of torches - the CREE LED is intensely bright.
  • Little light that can take a beating

    posted by 8Nils

    - Built like a tank: Feels like quite a solid chunk of aliminum in your hand- Seems watertight to me: Suction test on both ends positive. Will try to dunk it sometime- Plastic spacer at head end of the tube can be easily removed if not necessary for your batteries.- Unscrews completely- Lens secured by inner ring
    - Takes standard drop-ins
    - Default drop-in unscrews completly
    - Clip feels sturdy enough the be actually used and is screwed to body
    - Nice compact size, still not to small to be flimsy or be considered a lady light ;-)
    - Clips easily to your belt or pocket
    - Long runtime since it doesn't use that much power still bright enough for most purposes
    - Soft hotspot and good spill. Good for medium to close range
    Driver board is C310 based with layout like the one sold here separately. Resistor said 20 ohms so it should have had the same current...
    Couldn't figure out more since I probably damaged it during initial testing: Current flow dropped to 1/3 of initial value after a little overvoltage incident...
    - Bezel adds another thick layer of aluminum to the head so it could easily take a beating. If you intent on using it in this way you should consider getting the longer 502D version...
    This is the light you want to have in your toolbox or anywhere your flashlight encounters serious abuse:
    The body feels rather sturdy and is most likely water resistant.

    Since the machining is not meant for beauty as for usability you won't cry if it gets some new marks

    It's cheap enough so you wont mind losing or breaking it to much

    Can take any standard drop-in including incan so you can modify the light output to your likening

    If you want a light to mess around and are new to this game get this as it will offer you lots of ways to modify while not breaking the bank if you break it accidentally (Thats why I bought it: To save my Aurora Q5 from suffering to much "testing")


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