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ultrafire wf-501b led flashlight

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ultrafire wf-501b led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • compact design, best price/usefullness ratio

    posted by rokravnikar

    I use this torch mainly as a rifle flashlight for hunting combined with Superfire Gun Mount Pressure Pad. Low price is unbeatable, it makes pretty good lightbeam up to 100 meters. I like the very compact design. My previous torch was Led Lenser T/ which is much heavier and cumbersome comparing to this one.
    I wonder if the led diode brightness will decline thorugh time. But I use this light verys sporadicly, just turn it on for a few seconds when hunting. ZHooming would be nice for this torch to be mor4e versatile, but one can not expect too much.
    I cannot imagine cheaper deal for this quality.
  • I advise to buy!

    posted by fedorochek

    Excellent, bright light. High-quality assembly. Simplicity in use. Has two operating modes: it is included/is switched off.It would be desirable, that there were some operating modes of a lamp, but it at will. There are other models with such function. The compact. Well lies in a hand. Optimum weight - not easy and not heavy.
    Don't shine with a lamp in eyes!I think that while the discount a purchase some more for gifts operates.
    I advise to buy! Very good model for such price.
  • Very bright little LED flashlight

    posted by Jaaks

    Very bright light and does not heat up too much after long time on.Good clicky switch that works well.
    Very bright little light for an excellent price!
    Buy a few and keep them all over the place for if you need a really good emergency light or just want to brighten up your life a bit.
  • Love it.

    posted by iRouli

    Bright lightsizepricebuild
    The solid modes are good for battery life: The strobe for attention getting. I did put thermal grease on all the threads and on the (-) body spring of the pop-in. This prevents misthreads when replacing the battery and keeps the driver board and LED on the pop-in cool spreading the heat evenly along individual body components.
    I got two over 2 years ago when they were $20USD a pop and just lost one yesterday. I'm ordering a replacement as I write.It was great at $20, it's even better at $15.70.
  • What a deal!

    posted by Spydey

    Really Bright! Hard to believe it's only 250 lumens manufacturer rated. Clicky works fine; just a slight depress and the next mode is selected! Fits well in hand; not clumsy.
    Surprised at the brightness and how much I got for such little money. Long battery life since light isn't overpowered with mega lumens! It's just a flashlight after all and not a mountain bike light. Considering you get an 18650 and a charger with it for under $US20! Wow.
    Buy it! Love it! Can't go wrong. The only thing, I don't know yet if the charger is any good. It probably is since it merely seems to be the single version of the double battery charger SKU 13820 which has 79 reviews, most of which are positive.

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