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ultrafire rechargeable Customers Reviews

  • 2600 mAh though rated "4000" = OK

    posted by hurupthy2010

    So far - Excellent performance doing appx 2600mAh compared to e.g TrustFire 2400mAh genuine rate.In other words: At this price - pt at a 20% bargain, I can only recommend this particular UltraFire, if You´re in need of new 18650´s......
    Why worry - if You buy and use some of these and perhaps some TrustFire 18650, 2400mAh, You will only become satisfied
    Buy - Buy - Buy. At this bargain, You will only become very satisfied........
  • Ultrefire 18650 Battery

    posted by aekrusty

    Very good price, very cheap. It is very durable, doesn't request to be charged often. Came with a nice plastic case to store them. Great addiction to your flashlight.
    Check if your flashlight can hold this battery. The Surefire G2 can't holt it.
    It shakes less than 2 16340 batteries. Must have. But get ready to make a deal with some defective 18560.
  • Works well for my alarm system's peripherals

    posted by svenberkvens

    Most other reviewers use these batteries and the charger for their photo equipment. I don't use them for that purpose, however. I have an alarm system in my home that hae various sensors around my home. These sensors are battery powered, with 3V battery cells like the ones that come with this item. I've charged the batteries that come with this item and placed them in my most-used sensor, the main hallway. So far, it has worked perfectly. My alarm system starts whining if the voltage drops below a certain level, and so far, after a month, it has not complained. I've purchased local batteries for the same purpose and the alarm system rejected them within two weeks, claiming they were nearly empty. The batteries with this item do not exhibit this behavior.
    Works perfectly for me!
    If you need cheap 3V batteries that work, this is an excellent deal!
  • Nicely packaged, fair capacity

    posted by neyluz

    The battery has a protected circuit.The color of the battery is nice (grey).The wrapper is wrapped tight around the cell, which prevents getting stuck in a flashlight.Supplied with a nice storage case.Same dimensions as normal AA battery's.
    Storage case holds up to four 14500's. Would be nice to sell them in pairs of 4.
    Good product, capacity is good. Nice color, protected battery. Same dimensions as normal AA battery's.
  • Good cells

    posted by nomoney

    Well made. Can be used reliably in high current incandescents. I use these cells in my Surefire M3T with a LumensFactory EO-M3T lamp and a G&P X-9, both light up with a single click everytime.
    Good value for money. Can overcome the thin shrink wrapping issue by using another layer of shrink wrap or PVC electrical tape.
    For the price paid, I can't really complain.


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