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ultrafire rechargeable Customers Reviews

  • Fair rechargeable 17670

    posted by BrainR

    + fair quality: wrapping fitts tightly, dimensions exactly 17mm in diameter and 67mm long as specified+ surely overrated (like most UltraFire batteries), but capacity seems acceptable to me+ might replace 2 CR123As (if voltage is supported by driver, etc.)+ fits my Fenix P3D Q5
    Using this battery in my Fenix P3D Q5, Turbo mode is not available. Other modes are available down to ~3.2V. So I guess >90% of the battery's capacity can be used in the P3D.
    Buy this battery, if you just need one 17670, or if you're not sure if the 2-pack protected 17670s will fit your application.
  • Seem To work Well

    posted by 74Sharps

    They are what they is!The capacity seems to be in the ballpark. They don't have a protection circuit to go wonky on you.No doubt they have a higher capacity than a protected cell would have or, are shorter.
    There aren't a lot of devices that use 18500's, but if you need this size, these are quite acceptable..
    The lights I use these in have protection built into the circuitry, so no problems here. They work for me!.
  • Great batteries - handle with care

    posted by missionaryman

    These are great protected cells I think the stated capacity is pretty accurateHold voltage well under loadSize is pretty close to a regular AANipple tip so no need for magnetsProtection circuit works
    They are protected but water, fire and puncturing can still burn your house downRespect the chemistry used and handle with care and they should not cause you any griefKeep away from kids - do not use in kids toys and charge them somewhere fire proof
    Great - super cheap - safety built in but read up on LI Ion before use
  • Nice, but strange

    posted by r3s3t

    I need it to charge my batteries, and it just works.+ small+ lightweight+ cheap+ it works
    Low quality, but I think it is good for it's price. No need to repair it, I will just buy another one.
    Thank you for this product.
  • Very useful

    posted by DonaldM

    Two of these will replace three CR123 non-rechargeable cells. Useful for devices that can't handle 3 RCR123 cells. Seem to run about as long as 3 primaries.The more you use them, the more you save.
    Do NOT leave lithium ion rechargeable cells on the charger - always supervise charging.
    Well worth it, no more expensive primary cells needed.

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