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ultrafire protected Customers Reviews

  • Good 10440s

    posted by MicFre

    + both batteries I have received charge/discharge just fine+ good build quality - the shrink wrapping will last a while+ they seem to really be protected since they are a bit longer than unprotected 10440s I own
    I have not tested the protection circuit as of yet and hopefully I won't have to. Since the torch I am using these in does not have a protection circuit of its own, I am only using these protected batteris in them in order to avoid over-discharge.
    Get these if your torch or whatever device you are using these in does not have a built-in protection. However they might be too large since they are longer that regular (unprotected) 10440 cells.
  • Happy with the battery

    posted by Crazykaka

    Came pre-charged. The batteries seem to keep consistent charge in each.They fit a bit snugly into my charger. probably because they're protected.Batteries came wrapped in plastic to ensure they don't touch each other when shipped. Happy with the shipment as well.
    Good price for the product. consistent quality and overall quick shipping. really happy with the purchase here.
  • Very useful

    posted by DonaldM

    Two of these will replace three CR123 non-rechargeable cells. Useful for devices that can't handle 3 RCR123 cells. Seem to run about as long as 3 primaries.The more you use them, the more you save.
    Do NOT leave lithium ion rechargeable cells on the charger - always supervise charging.
    Well worth it, no more expensive primary cells needed.
  • Protected 18650 cells for price of unprotected

    posted by mkor1

    Cells protected against undercharging (2.5V) and overcurrent (2A?) and overcharging (4.2+0.05V). Really low price. Evidently replace common 18650 unprotected cells in all application there high current bursts do not required.
    Will replace my old unprotected 18650 cells.
  • manager

    posted by redsquare

    Excellent battery! Quite a large capacity, availability of protection.Fast charging, long operating time (with my flashlight) about 6 hours continuously!
    Overall I am very pleased with this purchase, the quality is very high, work long and recharged quickly! I recommend anyone who still doubts it is a great choice for super bright lamp or device with low power consumption


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