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ultrafire protected 18650

Every single ultrafire protected 18650 displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Find more hot gadgets at ultrafire 18650 memory and bike ultrafire 18650. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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ultrafire protected 18650 Customers Reviews

  • A fantastic battery. Seemingly endless capacity!

    posted by thekanester

    I bought a pair of these batteries to power my Cree C2 with Q5 LED. I was previously getting a runtime of 40 minutes from 2 x ultrafire RCR123 batteries which wasn't great to be honest, given that I can get the same runtime out of 1 x RCR123 on another P4 torch. Admittedly, the light from my Q5 outstrips the P4 by quite a bit, but I'd hoped for at least an hour.Anyway, I got a total runtime of around 7 hours from this battery. Around 3 hours were at full brightness before it began to drop off. This is simply astounding. If you are going to get C2 Q5 torch, then these batteries, plus the DSD charger are the only way to go.
    These batteries have amazing energy density and I wish that all 2 x CR123 devices could use these batteries.
    They are absolutely REQUIRED for the new C2 Q5 torches. Stick a pair of these in your basket if you're going to get one of these lights. For £5 you won't regret it.
  • Very Nice Batteries

    posted by DabeMaguro

    These were my first "abnormal" battery purchase. I was looking for batteries for my new flashlights (also purchased here) and chose these. They are built well. Protected. And seem like they will last. I have recharged a few times now and they are great each time. No issues with run time. They last.
    I just purchased another light and another pair of batteries. I also purchased a light, charger, and pair of batteries for a friend who is going on a long trip. I wanted her to have a good reliable light, with a bit of protection so i got her one with an assault crown. These batteries are what im sending with her.
    I have purchased 3 pairs of these now. NO issues whatsoever. I would like to try some of the others on the site, but these work great, so i havnt purchased anything else yet.
  • Excellent Purchase!

    posted by intelboy15

    1) It is a 2400mAh capacity battery.2) 2 batteries (@ ~$5 for one)3) PCB protection against overvoltage, overdischarge, and overcharge4) Build quality on par with major brand names
    I'll be using it to build a battery pack for a old cordless drill since I can't buy any Li-Ion battery packs for the drill.

    The larger size isn't much of a hamper, although it is much larger than I had expected (roughly double the volume of that of a standard AA). The high capacity is great and it has a PCB.

    I'm sure it'll be a great buy for those high-drain CREE and Luxeon LED lights (if you can get one to fit).
    Cheaper than any retail or online store in the U.S. for the same brand and quality battery. PCB equipped for about $5 a battery.

    Buy it if you need these 18650 batteries or want to build a battery pack out of them.
  • This And TrustFire True 2400mah are the ones

    posted by heng84

    These and TrustFire True 2400Mah batteries are the only ones i would get , in my country to get a normal 18650 battery would cost roughly usd 10 for one piece but i can purchase a pair here for the same price thats why i like it, and the rated Mah is very close
    True/very close rated as i already said i love it
    Cheap and worth buying just the waiting time for dx items to arrive takes 3weeks or more depending on their supplier but if you want good and cheap stuff you gotta wait :)
  • Happy Customer

    posted by Scottless

    Significantly better performance than my UltraFire 18650 protected 2600mAh batteries. Better looking too. Came in a nice translucent battery travel case, that was an unexpected treat!
    My TrustFire "Multifunctional Charger" (Model TR-001) goes into thermal shutdown when two of these charge at same time... this is actually a con against my two year old legacy charger, not the higher capacity batteries.
    I'm happy with this purchase. I have recommended to family and friends.

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