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ultrafire protected 18650 battery

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  • Fits JetBeam Jet III Pro

    posted by waffle

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that this fit the Jet III Pro, which apparently has a reputation for only just fitting other cells. I went out of my way to order a certain premium brand of 18650s as well, but discovered that these ones fit anyway.
    Nothing to report.
    They're batteries, they're protected, and they do the job. You do tend to get what you pay for, though, so I won't be suprised if these don't last as long as the cells I paid more than twice as much for. Really, how far wrong could you go with these?
  • Happy Customer

    posted by Scottless

    Significantly better performance than my UltraFire 18650 protected 2600mAh batteries. Better looking too. Came in a nice translucent battery travel case, that was an unexpected treat!
    My TrustFire "Multifunctional Charger" (Model TR-001) goes into thermal shutdown when two of these charge at same time... this is actually a con against my two year old legacy charger, not the higher capacity batteries.
    I'm happy with this purchase. I have recommended to family and friends.
  • Excellent Purchase!

    posted by intelboy15

    1) It is a 2400mAh capacity battery.2) 2 batteries (@ ~$5 for one)3) PCB protection against overvoltage, overdischarge, and overcharge4) Build quality on par with major brand names
    I'll be using it to build a battery pack for a old cordless drill since I can't buy any Li-Ion battery packs for the drill.

    The larger size isn't much of a hamper, although it is much larger than I had expected (roughly double the volume of that of a standard AA). The high capacity is great and it has a PCB.

    I'm sure it'll be a great buy for those high-drain CREE and Luxeon LED lights (if you can get one to fit).
    Cheaper than any retail or online store in the U.S. for the same brand and quality battery. PCB equipped for about $5 a battery.

    Buy it if you need these 18650 batteries or want to build a battery pack out of them.
  • Best deal on 18650

    posted by stefanj

    Got to be the cheapest 18650's on the market. Good rating (probably not the full 2400 mah but pretty dang close) Protected cells. Well built.
    I love these batteries. They have always worked and I've yet to get a bad cell.
    I prefer using these over 2 RCR123 as they are just a bit shorter and it is easier to get the tailcaps on my flashlights. No compliants
  • Great Battery for low-price

    posted by Flavors

    It has integrated PCB Protection, are good for lighting or other device needing 3.7V power, like old notebooks!
    Can be charged for long time due to PCB.
    My flashlight shines brigth than ever!
    Ah! And it's Pink and not Red like they said. I preffer blue or black, but works ok
    You need to buy it for your works!
    Thank you, again!

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