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ultrafire lumen Customers Reviews

  • A very good flashlight.

    posted by ZuumoO

    A very strong flashlight with good spread of the light.I like that it only has 3 modes, with memory. Very good quality. The black paint does not come off easy. It is capable of rough handling.
    Overall a very good flashlight! Because of the high power, I recommend good/strong batteries. or many of them. I bought regular protected 18650 with 2700mah. And the runtime is about 60 minutes at High.
    At first I thought it was an expensive flashlight. However, it is very high quality. and now I use it daily in my job. It is worth the price.Despite the Cons i mentioned above I recommend this flashlight!!
  • Excellent choice

    posted by firewarrior1705

    This is probably one of the best drop-in modules you can find on DX. I bough this for my SureFire Nitrolon G2 and I can't stop praising it. The brightness level is absolutely mind blowing. It may indeed have 450 lumens, as it's almost twice as bright as my 250 lumen Ultrafire WF-501B.
    I use mine with 2 RCR123A (16340) batteries, I recommend using the protected ones from Trustfire that you can find here on DX.
    I will be ordering a few more in the future
  • Good flashlight

    posted by Toxoplasma

    1. Warm light2. Very bright3. Good size and build quality 4. glass optics, o-rings5. lightweight and durable6. Nice look
    I use it everywhere: as a bicycle light, as an additional light for night macro photo, as a light source during field trips and so on.
    Very good flashlight. I like it very much! It is a necessary thing in every trip!
  • Wow... my new favorite AA flashlight

    posted by nukenik

    This is a sturdy little Cree that throws an impressive amount of light from a single AA battery. (I have not tried it with the 14500, but I prefer to use more readily available batteries. The light is clean and white. The build is sturdy with a nice heft, but still small enough to be a pocket pal.
    In side by side comparison with my old favorite, SKU 3607, this little beauty outperformed in brightness and whiteness. It costs a few dollars more, but just a few.
    I bought one for testing and came back to order three additional. Very happy.
  • extremely bright light

    posted by Csbublitz

    Very Powerful and bright flashlight!
    Reaches easilly 1200 LM and the light beam is very well focused, reaching a long distance.
    The aluminum body is very resistant and ensures a perfect electrical contact between the components and everything is sealed from water. Very stable!
    great light
    size by too much light
    Great for hunting
    This is a great light.
    love it. It will be a flashlight in my car for emergency use.

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