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ultrafire lithium 18650

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase ultrafire lithium 18650 here and you can save money at the same time. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Of course, you can find them from ultrafire 18650 zoom, ultrafire 18650 green. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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ultrafire lithium 18650 Customers Reviews

  • Best Unprotected Battereies on DX

    posted by Clunian

    Not quite 2600mAh, but pretty darn close to it
    Measured a consistant 2300 to 2400mAh on my meter which puts them in the elite class for 18650 batteries.
    Great price for this capacity.
    I would rate these batteries to be as good or better than the black and red Trustfires.
    They actualy have more capacity.
    Suprised that there is not more positive comments for this product.
    For the price you cannot go wrong.
    Protection for 18650's in my opinion is a waste of time, and most of the time it is of poor quality or does not work..
    Have used them for about 6 months with many charges.
    You would have to pay about 3 times the price for non DX batteries to get a 200 or more mAh, which is a waste of money.
  • excellent charger

    posted by danieneto

    excellent charger* Low value* Resistant* good aperencia* resistant power cable* used to load a TF-18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE good marriage.* LED flashes (green and red) when it is charging and green when it is fully charged.Tradução p/ Portugues :Excelente carregador*baixo valor*resistente* boa aperencia*cabo de força resistente*usado para carregar um TF 18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE- bom casamento.*led pisca (verde e vermelho) quando esta carregando e fica verde quando esta totalmente carregado.
    Decrease could have the negative terminal to recharge RCR 123 or 16.340.Tradução p/ Portugues :Poderia ter recuo do terminal negativo para carregar baterias RCR 123 ou 16.340.
    used to load a TF-18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE good marriage.tested the voltage on the multimeter consisted after fully charged: 4.15 v to 3.7v 18650 battery TF TRUSTFIRE.Excellent buy.Tradução p/ Portugues :usado para carregar um TF 18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE- bom casamento.testado a voltagem no multimetro constou apos totalmente carregado : 4,15v para a bateria TF 18650 3.7v TRUSTFIRE. Excelente comprar.
  • Long lasting batteries for flashlights

    posted by lancersfx

    Have purchased a pack of 2 and a full recharge time of 4-6 hours. Great value for money and have been working very well. There are other 18650 batteries on DX but verify the correct mAh rating when ordering the batteries there is 1300 and 2600. Depending on the type of equipment and its capacity requirement order the correct one.
    Buy this + the Ultrafire WF series or the SSC series as they go hand in hand to provide one of the best battery backups.
  • Good value for money

    posted by perror3

    Protected which make me feel better. After all, lithium batteries can burn and something can go wrong when charging.Good price/performance. Yes, there are batteries with much higher stated capacity but those will cost more and with two batteries you can always have one charged as a backup.
    Not related to the batteries but the plastic box they came in breaks very easily.
    I would buy them again if I needed more.
  • Too much time has been discharged

    posted by KiaviK

    At first glance, these batteries are good and in fact are.3000 mAh means that they are goodBut we know that 3000 mAh is not the real value.This battery can keep on a P7 for about 1 hour more.
    Perhaps it is better if the battery terminals are welded.


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