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  • Good Flashlight

    posted by Olches

    Good workmanship at a reasonable price. Good quality coverage. Flashlight makes a great beam of light. Shines far. The temperature light is pleasing to the eye. The battery life on a single charge lasts for a month, if used as 5-10 minutes a day.
    Dimensions lantern loved. We were pleased with the strength and quality of the housing. In general flashlight with a very balanced performance and a love for everyday use, but not for the pockets. For a year of intensive use case is not rubbed, glass unit, the button works.
    I recommend it for purchase....
  • Lights Pretty good.

    posted by zombieman

    Light is pretty bright and has a really good feel.
    I hate the memory feature! If you turn it off and right back on again, it goes to the next mode. In my job I do alot of "on-off" lighting. If you don't let this one set for about a minute before turning it back on, it will go to the next mode. Nothing like being on a traffic stop using this light as a backup and fumbling with trying to get it back on the mode I wanted!
    Its a OK light
  • Runs for ages!

    posted by DonaldM

    Lots of light, while not as bright as the incandescent bulb, it will run for more than 4 hours on 2400 mAh cells - draws 580mA from Trustfire protected 18650's. Light output about the same as Fenix P3D on high, but a tighter hotspot so will project beam farther.
    I use it more than the incandescent LA, small enough and light enough to carry with the light as well as the incandescent lamp assembly.
    Love it!
  • Haven't seen a brighter flashlight since purchase

    posted by tyrannus

    - Excellent brightness : able to light up car plates and road signs hundreds of meters away, can provide more light than most domestic bulbs or light up an entire field like it's daytime.- Sturdy : accidentally felt down my 7 stories building into grass, flashlight didn't get a scratch, battery still worked with the upper pin a bit crushed. Still the same battery life (18650 unit) after many uses, can be used for 10+ hours in medium or low light settings, which are mostly sufficient.
    This high quality lamp has been providing me with a reliable light source for many nights, plus it's very helpful in dimly lit rooms when you need to find something without hurting your eyes. Almost too powerful, most times the highest setting is more than needed, this could almost compete with professional Maglite units, and would surely be helpful in a defensive situation.
    If I had to buy another now, I'd probably try out new focusable models. However, this product has been satisfying me for a year and doesn't show any wear sign, so I might keep using it for some time. And if I actually need a new at some point, I'll surely check out Ultrafire products again. Thank you again, DX.
  • Great compact carry light

    posted by evgenyla

    Compact - fits easily in the pocket.
    Very bright for it's size, good side spill. You get blinding center spot and good side spill. Doesn't heat at all with 3.0V primary, Gets warm with 3.6V rechargeable, but nothing one can't handle for some minutes.
    I received mine with 1-mode reverse clicky, not 5-mode as advertised. Got a compensation, got use to 1-mode, can live with it.
    The output is better with 3.6 rechargeable.
    Regulated 123 (bit longer then regular) fits fine. I use SKU 08683
    Very good product. Highly recommended.

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