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ultrafire led t6 Customers Reviews

  • Very bright

    posted by gizmo8500

    The flashlight is very bright. I have just received 2 of these, and these are my first XM-L T6 lights. They are far brighter than other CREE lights that I own.3 Modes is great. Its about time DealExtreme offers a light with 3 modes instead of the 5 mode lights where you have to cycle through strobe and SOS which no one ever cares to use. The 3 modes are nice, I mostly use high or low since medium isn't that different from high. In low mode it is slightly dimmer than a cree The casing is well built. There are 2 O-Rings for the battery cap. The front screws off so that you can get to the glass, however it seems that the middle portion may be glued so that it won't screw apart. I saw in another thread for a similar flashlight that this may be done for better thermal transmission to the outer casing.
    The thermal transmission seems good as the flashlight warms up quickly when in high mode. I don't leave it in high very long so i don't know how hot it will get and how well it would last in that mode.
    Great light. From the 2 I bought, both seem equal in brightness and functionality so quality control seems adequate. I recommend it for anyone who likes a good flashlight.
  • Great warm T6 Dropin

    posted by 4ngry

    It is a great replacement for acetylene or candle while making cave photos due its color. On middle and low modes its reasonably power-saving on 1 18650 battery.
    With Ultrafire WF-501B housing it becomes a good flashlight for your caving needs.
    I tried to buy additionally few of this, but they were not at the store. I would recommend this drop-in for everyone likes "warm lamp light".
  • So Bright!

    posted by robcr949

    This is an excellent drop-in, by far the brightest I've owned. I currently use it for a SureFire G2 LED that is mounted on my hunting rifle. I've had Q5's and R2's before but this is at least twice as bright. It even gives me around 50m of really good light with a green filter on.
    Comes better packaged than my other drop-ins. I'm so glad that DX offers these 1-mode drop ins, the 3- or 5-mode might be good as a comping light but they are useless for weapon mounting with a pressure switch.
    I recommend anyone who is thinking about getting an upgrade for their flashlight to get this drop-in, it's simply put amazingly bright and will give and old flashlight power that you did not think possible!
  • Great general purpose flashlight

    posted by GraemeEvans

    Standard construction, 6P compatible body.
    Very bright, possibly actually as bright as stated.
    Mode memory works well.
    Low is actually low, which is very useful for use in close up, like reading a watch, map or finding your way indoors.
    No PWM flickering in low modes
    Body is almost identical to my other Solarforce and Superfire L2 torches and threads are compatible. Excellent since I have many extensions, extension tubes and lantern attachment.
    The beam isn't very tightly focused but the amount of light very high on max. For general purpose use this is effective.
    Apparent build quality is as pretty good... seems solid and everything properly aligned, but could do with a bit more grease on seals.
    For general purpose use, including both a really high top end and a properly low bottom end brightness this is quite excellent. Seems quite well built.
  • Best of 3 flashlights

    posted by dstillings2012

    I bought 3 flashlights all at once (Aurora 15739; Romisen 55751, and this UltraFire). All three are good flashlights, but this UltraFire is definitely my favorite. It is hands-down the brightest of the three with a very large illumination circle at 30 m (100 ft). Good construction; smooth and clean threads; solid click switch. Very well centered LED; glass lens; orange peel reflector.
    I would not want to get hit with the assault crown! The two-mode switch is exactly what I wanted. Starts on high, next click is low, then off.
    I intend to buy more of these flashlights to give as gifts.

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