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ultrafire led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • decent lamp, but not extraordinary

    posted by ICanuwundra

    + accepts drop in modules, available here
    + powered by 18650 batteries, which have good capacity for {price,size,weight}
    + sufficient protection against permeation of water - can be dropped into a filled bucket.
    + clip is fixed with screws, and appears to be rather sturdy
    driving the LED beyond specs reduces its life time, but then, if it only makes 1000 hours instead of 100000 hours, at that time I probably want to run the light with another drop-in anyway. A 0..100% brightness control plugin is what I'm after now. I'm also looking forward for an XP-G drop-in (supposed to produce about 25% more lumen/watt compared to R2).
    14° throw cone (12 cm/meter)
    pulls 1.3A/800mA/80mA in high/medium/low intensity mode (measured at battery when fully charged)
    through modular drop-ins, this light can be kept up-to-date with recent emitters or efficient drivers.
  • Lots of light

    posted by ferry

    The amounth of light amazed me, i have another 18650 cell flashlight, but this one is much brighter. And the bundle is more smooth, while the other one has a very bright spot and.I searched for a flashlight with a lot of light, and this type of led BIN is currently one of the best AFAIK.
    Casing is a bit shiny, i rather have the matte black anodized look. But its ridgid, and the flashlight does not switch function when dropping or taking a hit. While some others do.
    Good buy, great on my bicycle, even on low power you'll be clearly visible for car drivers. On high mode you can drive on semi dark roads.
  • Very bright

    posted by gizmo8500

    The flashlight is very bright. I have just received 2 of these, and these are my first XM-L T6 lights. They are far brighter than other CREE lights that I own.3 Modes is great. Its about time DealExtreme offers a light with 3 modes instead of the 5 mode lights where you have to cycle through strobe and SOS which no one ever cares to use. The 3 modes are nice, I mostly use high or low since medium isn't that different from high. In low mode it is slightly dimmer than a cree The casing is well built. There are 2 O-Rings for the battery cap. The front screws off so that you can get to the glass, however it seems that the middle portion may be glued so that it won't screw apart. I saw in another thread for a similar flashlight that this may be done for better thermal transmission to the outer casing.
    The thermal transmission seems good as the flashlight warms up quickly when in high mode. I don't leave it in high very long so i don't know how hot it will get and how well it would last in that mode.
    Great light. From the 2 I bought, both seem equal in brightness and functionality so quality control seems adequate. I recommend it for anyone who likes a good flashlight.
  • Good !

    posted by khetzal

    - draw around 3A continuous (between 2.9 and 3.1), as described- become very hot after 10 minutes of use in hight mode (good thermal dissipation)- don't stop working, even when hot- nothing melt in it :D- light circle is very regular
    2 modes switching is enought (i've an other light which is 5 mode switching, i don't use all and sometimes they switch when i don't want)
    Very good light, look strong and durable. I will certainly buy 2 or 3 other.
  • A real pocket rocket

    posted by StupendousMan

    It's well made and finished. Bezel won't shred your pocket.
    Has springs in both ends of the battery compartment, will fit any 16340, protected or not.
    Bright. I don't have other flashlights of this caliber, so I compared it to the brightest light I could find right now:
    It's about the same power as a fresh Yamaha motorcycle headlight. I kid you not. I should get a handlebar mount and double my lights..
    I usually dislike multiple modes, but on a light this powerful, the strobe really works for self defense. My human lab rats reported nausea and migraine respectively, from just a quick test in a lit room.
    This thing packs a lot of light into a small, reasonably prized package. I like it.


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