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  • Great flashlight

    posted by leukotic

    - Very bright. Just about as bright, if not more than my 100-Lumen Surefire. So I would estimate REAL lumen output is around 100-110.
    - Tightly focused beam. Dot is very tightly packed and has excellent throw. Dot is also very clean looking, no abnormalities in the beam quality.
    - Great looking host. Probably one of the best I've gotten from DX. Very clean, fluid and sharp looking. Not awkward in the least.
    - Great knurling.
    - Easy disassembly for replacing/exchanging internals.
    Reverse clicky. Heats up quickly (though not a bad thing, just shows it is powerful).
    Great light with a lot of power. Use rechargeable RCR123's for about a hours worth of light, maybe more. Great host for other emitters if you can find any that are brighter.
  • very powerful, small xm-lt6 light

    posted by nra222

    Very powerful, nice case quality, magnet on tailcap, it does have memory, beam is somewhere between spot and flood, stepless brightnes adjustment.
    It is easy to put small spring on + terminal inside and it eliminates turning off problem. Adjusting to full power is easy - just twist tail cap slightly of and on.
    Very nice compact and powerful light. Works very well as bike light with sku.31871
  • My new everyday flashlight

    posted by weddy

    Good light output
    2-mode (on/off) clicker, I hate those multimode lights
    Not too big, so it's easy to carry around in your pockets
    Simple structure, button is only mechanical part, no slides or rings.
    Very cheap and uses 18650 which i like. Parts can be easily changed, I changed mirror to flood type and now light spreads nicely. Other parts can be removed without fear for gray hairs :)
    Good flashlight, I like

    posted by shayneyasinski

    I will start by saying I have about 40 dx lights and this is my favorite for many reasons, It is in the top 5 brightest lights I have and I have 2 hid lights and the big sst-90 light from here to compare it to, this light is very small in your hand yet it has a huge flood and huge spot !! It is so small my wife can take it along and forget she has it unlike the other monsters i have.
    DX is the place to buy a flashlight if you want value and quality, I have been kicked off a few forums by talking about dx and I think it is because NO ONE can match the prices they have for what you get.I have bought a few lights that have sold for over $150 and they are nothing compared to this, NOTHING!
  • My favorite light, Will buy more in the future

    posted by fcmem

    Very brightJust about the perfect size.. Not to big, Fit's the hand well and puts out a lot of light.1inch tube body makes for easy gun mounting.
    Bought this late last year and it's been sitting on my desk when ever I need a light.. bam I got one and it's bright!I use Trustfire 2400mah 18650's in it and run time is about 2 1/2 hours.This light is the perfect blend between Size & Light output. It fit's the hand great, small enough to be versatile yet bright enough to get the job done.
    This light is great, Has double springs front & rear, I planed to mount this one on a rifle but have'nt got around to it yet..I have no doubt's it'll hold up this is by far my favorite light and plan to buy several more in the future.It's that perfect balance that makes it a great light.I've owned it for over 6 months now and no problems what so ever.Get one, You will not be disappointed.


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