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  • WoW!

    posted by Satain

    It holds my Nitecore MT26 perfectly.Attaches to M.O.L.L.E. webbing and also my belt.The cool factor is that it totally rotates 360 degres.Holds smaller flashlights to securley becuase of the tention straps.Has a lip on the retainer clip to prevent un-intentional removale.
    Nice material and design.Well worth the $$$No bottom part so any size flashlight will securely hold it into place.
    If I ever need one again this is what I would buy.Oh ya my Blackhawk nightops flash light holder is going up on ebay now cause this $5 holder kicks its but.
  • Best holster for P60 hosts.

    posted by mixmastamykl

    Cheap holster. Looks cooler than SKU: 29356. Fit's my UF-T20 with aspheric lens. Good stitches and workmanship. Made of sturdy good grade cloth.
    Could have included a waterproof even with a slight price increase.
    Buy one to protect your flashlights and for easy carry.
  • MOLLE friendly

    posted by opencircut

    - Build quality is perfect.- Fits a lot more things then Flash lights.- Fits well on a belt.- Works with MOLLE/PAL systems.- Has Velcro around snap, makes for a good bind.- Easy to install and remove.
    - Makes use of 1x2 MOLLE for securing it to your gear.
    - If you got an Ultra-Fire flashlight get it. If you want to store something else make sure the dimensions fit. - Works well to hold an Asp.
  • Excellent holster for a bargain price

    posted by den1s7

    The best deal for the price, it perfectly fit my TrustFire R5-A3 ( SKU 39062 ), I also tried with my SpyderCo Delica and it's perfect also for that. Material is sturdy enough for the duty. There's an integrated ring so with a carabiner you can hang this stuff wherever you want There's an hook for the belt , the green piece of fabric on the back is not completely sewed so you can pass your belt between the holster and that
    For the price you can't beat it
    I think it can easily fit any AA flashlight no longer than 10 cm and and foldable knives no longer than 11cm
  • Neat little blinding package for ten bucks!

    posted by sahib

    Wicked torch! I popped a battery in and fired it up, checked on the Mark 1 eyeball for brightness and was more than impressed! I couldn't see for about five minutes, don't try this at home kids! I use it in cellars whilst changing gas meters, I wear a head torch for the actual job but getting through the cellar and scaring the rats off is better with this little beauty. It's simple to use and the holster is adequate for my needs.
    There is a similar looking one with 5 modes. Not sure of a use for the SOS function and whatnot, but the power levels could come in handy as sometimes I feel it is a bit too powerful! The increased battery life would be of benefit too. If you just want a simple torch though, this is the one and it is cheap too
    If you're not a dedicated Jamie and just want a small, discrete torch that will light up an area well enough for you to be able to find things or avoid obstacles, then this torch will fit the bill. I gave it an overall four because of the fault, but it is borderline 4/5 to be honest. At the price, they're great!

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