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ultrafire green flashlights

You'll find the best ultrafire green flashlights for you here. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Browse the products from flashlight ultrafire t6, or some other related Pages like flashlight ultrafire c8. With your support, we can do better.
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ultrafire green flashlights Customers Reviews

  • Its really good, seriously...

    posted by Mathias6710

    It's really bright, and I mean really bright.
    Painting make it feel soft
    If you point it against a WHITE ceiling, the room will be lit up as if there was a 60watt (220v) light pulp.
    I dropped it in water (max 20cm deep) a few times, I think its waterproof.
    If you hit it hard against something, the painting will come of.
    This is a good flashlight. It's the best one I have used, and it's cheap.
    I'm going to order one more! (or two)
  • if you need green, get it

    posted by tda1337

    Well theres not much to say here. your getting a green luxeon LED P60 drop in, and a p60 host for a mere $9.90 SHIPPED. the 501B is a nice host, tho i prefer the 502 series.
    i was really hoping this would turn out like the $9.90 p60 host thats blue. that one came with a Cree LED. and was WAY brighter than this green one. of course it had a more powerful driver too.
    if you need green, u need this flashlight
  • Very good flashlight. Butt 885lm? No way.

    posted by Sevian

    Good processing, typical for this aluminum flashlights. Nice shped and bright light, perfect all purpose torch. It's just one mode flashlight, which is much more usefull than the 3 or 5 modes, comes in handy when you need to use it real quick or it's intended for your grandparents house.
    If you are OK with the 885 white lie, this is your item.
    Good buy, but should be 5 dollars cheaper. Recommended.
  • Nice!

    posted by gasbag11

    Well made and very well finished. Glass lens. Double O-rings head and tailcap. Good switch with reverse clicky. Color is very nice. Could be 200 lm. but I have no way to measure it. Deep reflector gives it good "throw" for a small light. The "spill" light is good. Very solid feeling.
    It has memory, even though the overview says it doesn't. Ran it on high mode (with a freshly charged 16340) for about 10 minutes and it only got warm, not hot. Small enough for a pocket but bright enough for almost any use.
    It's now my favorite 16340 light. Very glad I bought it. If it gets lost or broken, I'll order another one immediately. It's that nice. :)
  • The flashlight

    posted by guillermoarg

    is real light illuminates 200m ace misty night light can be seen in the sky, easy to use push of a button, is strong when metal has weight
    None that I can currently think of at the moment
    is in the glove compartment for general use, the time that came out of normal use because illuminate distant places without having to close.Another use is for Night Paintball games, I recommend it completely and there is no hiding this flashlight at night

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