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ultrafire flashlights Customers Reviews

  • Great light

    posted by wes2914

    Nice and bright light that is portable and easy to use will work as normal flashlight but about twice as bright as a normal light.
    this is a great light is not too front heavy and will work for many uses the batteries supposedly have ten year shelf life but are not included. the XM-L lights made by cree are very bright and work well.
    It is good light and i would recommend if looking for a bike light or a house light. it is water prof and works well.
  • The price is right!

    posted by Branja

    Well built, strong aluminum, nice even throw and some flood. (no donut). The light has 2-mode, not arranged in the clicky but in the driver itself!The clip is very conveniant, you can hang it while camping or hang it on your jecket while fishing. In the low-mode you have nice dimmed light and the battery lasts for ever!
    I have put some o- rings in it and I have bypassed the driver. Now it is 1 mode, and pulls 3 amps. I wonder how long it will last, since the heat can't go anywhere. we'll see. If it breaks, I will order a new one, since they are almost for free :)
    Good strong light, some build-issues but you can easily put some o-rings in it yourself and clean and lube the threads. Bottomline; It doesn't come cheaper than this! It is and stays a good strong light, even when you use it as is. Low mode is a battery-saver and is as bright as a standard bike-light. Recommended!
  • Wow... my new favorite AA flashlight

    posted by nukenik

    This is a sturdy little Cree that throws an impressive amount of light from a single AA battery. (I have not tried it with the 14500, but I prefer to use more readily available batteries. The light is clean and white. The build is sturdy with a nice heft, but still small enough to be a pocket pal.
    In side by side comparison with my old favorite, SKU 3607, this little beauty outperformed in brightness and whiteness. It costs a few dollars more, but just a few.
    I bought one for testing and came back to order three additional. Very happy.
  • Very bright, solid, a bit too bulky

    posted by Vorobjaninoff

    I use the light on the night urban games ("Encounter"), which involves a lot of running and climbing and no possibility to recharge the batteries for the whole night. So what I need is a compact, bright, solid, long-lasting light source. That is just to help you understand my rating criteria.+ Price. It is certainly worth its price. Comparing to other DX lights I have, the price/quality ratio is really good.+ Brightness. The low mode is brighter than the bright mode of my WF502b. The bright mode is comparable with the car headlight. The spot is very narrow, so it suits best as a spotlight - in the field you can easily light up objects 200-300 meters away. + Build quality. Very good, all parts are solid, nothing dangles. Heatsink and reflector are well designed. Comparing to the other DX lights I have, this one is of much better quality.+ Battery life. My feeling is that it works 1-2 hours on the high mode and much more on mid and low. It is a good result.
    You can use it with one 18650 battery. To do so, you have to remove one segment, which makes it look quite funny =)
    Very well designed, good quality, high-end brightness devise. Serious light, nice to show it to your friends. Safe to walk with it at night. Bulky.+ If you are gadget fan, like I am, you MUST HAVE this light - it is really special.- But. If you want a reasonably bright (this light is far more bright than reasonable) compact light, do NOT choose this light.
  • Nice flashlight, bright and good build

    posted by rr4612

    Very bright, not 320 lumens...probably more like 150. It is a little brighter than my 501b...the flood is about the same, but the hot spot with the 502b is quite abit bigger. I like the modes on it. The strobe is pretty good...I just wish the fast strobe was faster...it's not bad but it would be better if it was a little faster to disorient an intruder or dog. It is fast enough to bother you though. The modes are easy to change and the memory function does work.
    I was a little worried when I saw that a couple people got problematic units, but mine is functioning perfectly.
    Bright flashlight, 5 modes, great price


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