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  • Great modular flashlight.

    posted by bertty

    Single mode switch!Great quality of construction.Sealed everywhere with O-rings.
    Great choice if you want a flashlight that you can easily get different light modules for. There are many different choices here on DX.Be aware that this light does use a lithium battery such as the 18650.
    Definitely recommended if you want a modular flashlight.
  • OK but somewhat low current

    posted by hoffib

    Glass lens. Build quality pretty good (better than most 501b/502b hosts I have). Threads lubed (except the tail cap).
    Single mode is great if you need it.
    Good spill, somewhat wide beam (might be a con too). Beam a lot wider than for example Q5 pills have. Quite bright (see cons).
    Battery life probably good (see cons).
    As with all small pills, this does not conduct heat to the outer shell well. I'll wrap some copper foil around it to improve heat transfer. Without improvements you'd risk overheating the pill for a longer running time.
    At 1,5A heat problems are less than I expected. No terribly hot outer shells for a longer run.
    I'll probably check on the driver, if somewhat higher current could be modified.
    I'll be using this as a bike light (helmet mount). Wide beam is great for my use. I'd prefer two-mode and a bit higher maxinum current.
    This will suit my needs.
  • Great little flashlight

    posted by DY2Kim

    Very inexpensive flashlight.Very Bright and has long range.Good sturdy build.Uses 2 types of batteries.Has one mode so I don't have to be switching to find the one I want.
    I've had other flashlights and this one cost less and is way more powerful and better build.
    Flashlights that are this bright usually cost about 4x or more. It is a good buy for the price and the quality. I couldn't be happier buying another flashlight for this price.
  • Great (bright) Light

    posted by cwirwin86

    This light is great I have had it for about a year now and it is still working wonderfully. It outshines all of my friends lights except one with a huge spotlight. It is also great to have when the power goes out because when pointed at the ceiling it lights up the hole living room.
    Built nice and sturdy, been dropped plenty of times and still works fine.
    For the money you cant get much more brightness and distance from a light.
  • My favorite light, Will buy more in the future

    posted by fcmem

    Very brightJust about the perfect size.. Not to big, Fit's the hand well and puts out a lot of light.1inch tube body makes for easy gun mounting.
    Bought this late last year and it's been sitting on my desk when ever I need a light.. bam I got one and it's bright!I use Trustfire 2400mah 18650's in it and run time is about 2 1/2 hours.This light is the perfect blend between Size & Light output. It fit's the hand great, small enough to be versatile yet bright enough to get the job done.
    This light is great, Has double springs front & rear, I planed to mount this one on a rifle but have'nt got around to it yet..I have no doubt's it'll hold up this is by far my favorite light and plan to buy several more in the future.It's that perfect balance that makes it a great light.I've owned it for over 6 months now and no problems what so ever.Get one, You will not be disappointed.


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