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    posted by killforfood

    I like the High, low mode choice without the useless flashy modes. Nice white spot (about 6K) with just a slight hint of green in the fringe. Low mode is just right for night hiking with just enough spill to provide peripheral vision but not blow out your night vision. Switch allows swapping modes without fully clicking switch. The 502 body is an improvement over the 501.
    I would buy more flashlights from DX but most of them come with STUPID FLASHY MODES!
    Nice little flashlight for the price.
  • great

    posted by titansright

    I am really impressed with the quality of this light. It has nice sturdy construction and a clip. It takes my protected 18650's which are a little snug. You have to shake the light a little to get them back out. Its very bright and fun to play with. It also makes a good P60 host.
    Very good flashlight
    Get it if you want a good high quality UV flashlight or P60 host. Don't waste your time with the other UV lights on this site.
  • Very bright light for the money

    posted by Arnepetry

    Very bright light for the money.
    Build quality is standard Ultrafire WF-502B... which is sufficient for most.
    Light draws 1,5 amps in high mode which translates to 520 Emitter Lumens for an XM-L T6 bin: So true to the description.
    Long run-time for the lumens: 1,5 Hours out of a single 18650 Cell is not bad at all - if you can manage the heat...
    An excellent compromise between brightness and run time. You will be very hard pressed to find a torch which gives more Lumens per watthour...
    Excellent value for money, excellent Lumens per watt, but some rework required.
  • My favorite light, Will buy more in the future

    posted by fcmem

    Very brightJust about the perfect size.. Not to big, Fit's the hand well and puts out a lot of light.1inch tube body makes for easy gun mounting.
    Bought this late last year and it's been sitting on my desk when ever I need a light.. bam I got one and it's bright!I use Trustfire 2400mah 18650's in it and run time is about 2 1/2 hours.This light is the perfect blend between Size & Light output. It fit's the hand great, small enough to be versatile yet bright enough to get the job done.
    This light is great, Has double springs front & rear, I planed to mount this one on a rifle but have'nt got around to it yet..I have no doubt's it'll hold up this is by far my favorite light and plan to buy several more in the future.It's that perfect balance that makes it a great light.I've owned it for over 6 months now and no problems what so ever.Get one, You will not be disappointed.
  • amazing!!!!

    posted by omrym88

    cons: - very very very strong light - Not drains the battery, work for alot of time - the 3 modes are nice addition - has a clip to attach the flashlight to your belt
    i have mine for 2 months now and I am completely satisfied with it, Works great without any problems.Gives a surprisingly strong light for its size.Perfect gift for Dad or a friend who loves to travel outside or basically any man (or a woman afraid of the dark, just kidding).
    Definitely worth every penny, you wont regret buying it

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