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ultrafire flashlight cree q5

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ultrafire flashlight cree q5 Customers Reviews

  • Bright as #¤%&¤

    posted by mylwaeus

    The spot is more focused, smaller and brighter than Ultrafire C3, surrounding flow is pleasantly smooth, lightens environment nicely. The switch is a working sharply. The body has a good grip.
    Strap could be even shorter, clip is quite good.
    Very good flashlight, bright and small. Too bad there is no option for AA-batteries.
  • rustamgrf

    posted by rustamgrf

    A lantern came in the package, Bright Lights, 5 different modes - all modes of working and easy to switch, low price, excellent design, build quality is good (5 +). Small size.
    Small size is comfortable to hold in your hand and carry in your pocket. Range 150-200m. When I shone in the sky, people thought that shines spotlight. Excellent toy. I was pleasantly surprised!
    Since he has included: a flashlight, battery and charger. That is a good gift for New Year for men. The price is low, we have in Russia is 2-2.5 times more expensive.
    Excellent flashlight, highly recommend. Great gift for men.
  • Good buy. I'm happy

    posted by d2fast4you

    Small and light. Enter one hand. With 14500 battery gives lots of light.Externally similar to the Sipik SK68. The button works perfect
    It can stand both for the focus, for the button, and use it to provide ambient light. The Zoom works well. I try it in the woods to check the distance you can
    Meets the needs. Good looking. Practice and light
  • Nice compact flashlight

    posted by hyperspace

    - Solid anodized theads- Thick O-rings of good quality, but non-lubricated- Compact- Nice design and build quality- Well done sturdy clip, may be reversed- Effective heat-dissipation (Led stands directly on alloy part of the head), flashlight becomes warm after 1-2 minutes in high mode
    Lens fit only to XP-E diodes, remains some space and lens was dangled when I tried to install the XP-G led there
    Cool host for custom flashlight, quality of built close to branded flashlights. Driver and switch are poor and ned need to be replaced. Recomend for its price, but need some modificatoins to get cool flashlight.
  • Very Good Light

    posted by stringbendr

    I got this because it has a larger and deeper reflector for a little more distance. The beam is narrow so it does focus more intensely at distant objects. The build quality is good and it fits protected 18650 Ultrafire batteries just fine.
    My current standing favorite "spotlight" is the Romisen RC-G4. SKU# 7418 even after trying out the UF-C8.

    The C8's narrow beam creates a smaller, slightly brighter hot spot at 250 feet than the RC-G4. However, the RC-G4 beam is a little wider with almost the same intensity on the same objects.
    Over all the C8 performs well, but not as well as I had hoped. The G4 remains my favorite.

    The C8 is about 3/8" larger in diameter than the G4 so it's a little bulky to carry. Fits perfectly in the "large Flashlight Holster" SKU# 1152.

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