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ultrafire flashlight 800lm

Buy a ultrafire flashlight 800lm from DX.com! It's your best choice. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Customers can also browse ultrafire c2 flashlight or ultrafire 501b flashlight to find their desired products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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ultrafire flashlight 800lm Customers Reviews

  • Cery good product

    posted by alexdum2434

    VERY HIGH quality, all in metal The size is perfect Great lighting SO powerful for the size, I can't find this anywhere at this price !!!!! Great product
    Very good quality, well made and also, I like the way it's turning glow in in the dark, inside the flashlight...
    As I said before, the strap is cheap, but you can buy in a store another strap a little bit better for only 2$ so for the price, the flashlight is really good.
  • Small Sun - well deserved

    posted by cadocado

    Incredible amount of light. This will win the 'who's got the biggest' competition for a while. If your eyes are used to normal daylight, and you shine this baby into a darkened corner, you don't need to adjust - it is as bright as sunlight.I am fairly certain it is waterproof.
    It is so airtight that the zoom is sucked backwards because of air pressure. No kidding. It stays in place when I unscrew a cap, but with everything screwed on, the air pressure pushes the zoom back where it came from. This thing is airtight.
    I like. This is the ultimate flashlight for the time being.
  • s'ok

    posted by Flav_3

    A ok flashlight for an ok price.Stupid bright for a palm sized light. Accepts many 18650 sizes (fat/long/protected/unprotected/button top or flat). Defn a plus in that category.Easy to switch modes, just double tap the reverse clickie switch. Has memory as stated. Warms up rather quick which means its somewhat decent heatsinked.Came unscratched despide the poor packaging that DX is well known for. Came in the usual 3wk time line + or - a day or two.This is a budget site so expect such products.
    Bought this as a gift for a friend, and I may consider doing it again for someone else. I might try the rest of the xxxFire line(lights NOT BATTERIES), but they all seem to bee the same mediocre quality.
    For the price(lower would be even better) I'd say go ahead, if a first light for anyone, defn. a wow factor. Just make sure you know the do's and don'ts of lithium cells.
  • A excellent "clone" of the SKU 121725

    posted by pepitogrito

    It's much cheaper. It works the same: same (and very much) power, same LED, etc. A bit longer because of the seat of the clip. Body slimmer. Dimmig a little slow, but very light intensity control. From 20 to 520 lumens Lumen real. Clip very excessively strong. Iman powerful.Very ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable to wear.Fosforecente O-ring on the reflector.The Dimming provides an incredible runtime.Mode memory. And direct access to high to unscrew minimally tail cap.
    The dimmer may be faster. It's a bit difficult to put into low since arriving at low intensity rises immediately. You have to practice a bit.
    Small flashlight, well built, very powerful for its size. Excellent buy highly recommended.Sorry! translate by Google.
  • Excellent flashlight

    posted by omenapora12

    Very bright and powerful flashlight. Durable construction. Easy to use and change between 3 modes (low, high, strobe). Lightweight. Cool camouflage colour. Very cheap. Weatherproof.
    Tested with these batteries: http://www.dx.com/p/19770Tested in extreme conditions in the army.
    I can highly recommend this if you are looking cheap but durable and powerful flashlight.

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