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ultrafire extension tube

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ultrafire extension tube Customers Reviews

  • Good flashlight ... but ..

    posted by Cristianogaucho

    It is a good flashlight in general, the price is good, the build quality is not the worst. In general, until the price is worth it, but if you make frequent use ...
    I certainly would not buy this product again! despite having an abundant light, due to such problems (failure lighting and heating) I'd rather buy another for a price equal UltraFire and without these problems! Should rethink the way it was produced this flashlight and fix these minor inconveniences, as the lantern of light is very good!
    For the price it's still a good deal! Only to use this flashlight, can not be in a way that it is linked more than 30 minutes without erasing, but will have heating! They could also improve the system on / off switch.
  • Good edc light

    posted by startrekmichi

    - bright light with nice throw/spill pattern
    - versatile due to extension tube (works with 1 or 2 AAs)
    - relatively easy to disassemble (see other thoughts)
    - build quality: the finish and threads are good
    - runtime: a little over one hour with two LSD-AAs (rated 2200mAh)
    - can tailstand, although the strap might get in the way
    - no blinking modes
    - I recommend to take a dremel-tool and flatten the area on the heatsink where the LED is mounted. Then remount the emitter either using thermal glue or you could put a small ring of plastic or an o-ring on the emitter itself in a way that the reflector will press the LED onto the heatsink. This should prolong your LED's life.
    - While you're at it, check all soldering points.
    - If you can't get the driver/LED-assembly out of the head, take a small drill (I used 1mm) and make two holes in the outer (!!!) ring of copper. Go about one or two mm deep, not more. Then you can use needle-nose pliers to screw the part out. Be sure not to hit the inner ring of copper (driver) or go too far outside since you could hit the threads.
    - Hint: If you screw the switch assembly too hard into the tailcap, you might get contact problems.
    I think with a little tweaking this is a perfect light for everyday carry or backup use. And even without that it is still a good, small, flexible and very bright light. If you then consider the value for money, you simply have to buy it.
  • Excellent build quality and

    posted by dumell

    The build quality is truly excellent. It has tight, smooth threads that are sealed by o-rings and overall there is a nice, solid feel to it. When it comes to brightness, it clearly outperforms the Romisen RC-G2, as expected, and is approximately equal to the triple-AAA "People's Cree". The light has a tight bright spot with a generous spill and the even distribution of light that you expect from a LED light - no darker or lighter areas within the spill area. The lanyard is large enough to be useful which is not always the case with small LED lights. I like the fact that it uses readily available and cheap AA batteries and that it can take a CR2 battery if you need to remove the "extension tube" to get a really small but bright flashlight.
    The color is less silverly and slightly more bronze-like than the images here leads you to believe.
    Excellent value for your money.
  • Extention Tube

    posted by Vasy_Me

    Fits well with UltraFire Cree C3 Flashlight.Comes with a dust/water seal.Allows you to use the light with 3 AA batteries, or more. You can just keep extending if you want more power for some reason.
    Allows you to use up to 3 AA batteries
    Does what it ment to, and does it well.
  • Great Flashlight!

    posted by miffokarnevalen

    Very bright light and small size.Really flexible to be able to use both AA (one or two depending on the size/brightness you need) or a 14500.
    I really don't understand the flashing modes, but since it's got memory it's not that big of a deal as you don't have to go through the modes every time you start it.
    I have a flashlight since before that uses 3 AAA batteries and have 9 more regular high intensity LEDs. I've always thought that that one was good throwing usable light 10-15 meters ahead. I could not dream of that a flashlight this small could eat my old one for lunch, but there is really no comparison. Even when using only one AA battery the Ultrafire C3 is way way brighter and it's probably less than half the size.If you're looking for a small flashlight that is actually small enough have on the key ring (with one AA battery), that is bright enough to throw a usable beam of light at least 50 meters, then look no futher.

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