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ultrafire drop-in Customers Reviews

  • Excellent choice

    posted by firewarrior1705

    This is probably one of the best drop-in modules you can find on DX. I bough this for my SureFire Nitrolon G2 and I can't stop praising it. The brightness level is absolutely mind blowing. It may indeed have 450 lumens, as it's almost twice as bright as my 250 lumen Ultrafire WF-501B.
    I use mine with 2 RCR123A (16340) batteries, I recommend using the protected ones from Trustfire that you can find here on DX.
    I will be ordering a few more in the future
  • Good, but Eco Mode. LED can make more ligth with other driver.

    posted by ali57m

    It seems to be reliable, because LED runs on 1 A (maximum allowed for this type of LED is 3 A). Temperature of running module is not very high even without additional heat sink - you can hold it in hand.
    ?eam is rather focused - in some applications you need a lens. It's using AX2002 driver - you can increase LED current (up to 2A) by changing chip-resistance from 0,25 Ohm to smaller (down to 0,12), but it should be with good heat sink - it may be ever a wire with such resistance.
    We used 3 devices for scooter headlamp - it runs very good! It is brighter than original 35W hallogen lamp consuming only 10W.
  • Great warm T6 Dropin

    posted by 4ngry

    It is a great replacement for acetylene or candle while making cave photos due its color. On middle and low modes its reasonably power-saving on 1 18650 battery.
    With Ultrafire WF-501B housing it becomes a good flashlight for your caving needs.
    I tried to buy additionally few of this, but they were not at the store. I would recommend this drop-in for everyone likes "warm lamp light".
  • So Bright!

    posted by robcr949

    This is an excellent drop-in, by far the brightest I've owned. I currently use it for a SureFire G2 LED that is mounted on my hunting rifle. I've had Q5's and R2's before but this is at least twice as bright. It even gives me around 50m of really good light with a green filter on.
    Comes better packaged than my other drop-ins. I'm so glad that DX offers these 1-mode drop ins, the 3- or 5-mode might be good as a comping light but they are useless for weapon mounting with a pressure switch.
    I recommend anyone who is thinking about getting an upgrade for their flashlight to get this drop-in, it's simply put amazingly bright and will give and old flashlight power that you did not think possible!
  • Great drop-in

    posted by gasbag11

    Very bright. Probably close to 600 lm. but I have no way to measure it. It's brighter than a UF 502b rated 900 lm. Very nicely made and the emitter is well centered. It has memory too.Fit perfectly in a Ultrafire C8. Even the reflector fit perfectly after I removed the small plastic washer from the back of the reflector. A necessity because the XM-L emitter is larger than the original. It popped right off though.I should also mention that the original module had a spring on the back, but this one doesn't. It still fit perfectly.
    I bought it to replace the module in a light that has "next mode memory". The light has gone from my least favorite, to my most favorite single XM-L light.
    A few dollars cheaper and I would have given it 5 stars for price. But still worth it because it turned an unused light into an often used light. I definitely recommend it to upgrade a C8 light.Very glad I bought it. :)

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