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  • Ultimate XM-L flashlight

    posted by madsnake85

    - Relatively small for a 18650 torch- Nice light focus (it is not a thrower)- The light output is very high- The button looks sturdy- It has memory, wich is a must with a 5 mode light
    I have some XM-L T6 lights and i bought that one to compare the LED emitters. The difference is very small, but it is there. I preffer the U2, i like his color and density better.
    If you want single 18650 torch, this is your choice. The price could be a little lower, but even so this is a great product.
  • Excellent flashlight

    posted by omenapora12

    Very bright and powerful flashlight. Durable construction. Easy to use and change between 3 modes (low, high, strobe). Lightweight. Cool camouflage colour. Very cheap. Weatherproof.
    Tested with these batteries: http://www.dx.com/p/19770Tested in extreme conditions in the army.
    I can highly recommend this if you are looking cheap but durable and powerful flashlight.
  • Bright, but some issues

    posted by qupada42

    Bright. Very bright.Wide beam with large centre hotspot (much more of a flood than a throw).Glow in the dark front gasket and rear power button.Removable wrist strap (mine didn't come with the split ring in the pictures, the clip was directly through the hole in the light).
    Could do without the blinking mode, perhaps replaced with a low - the mid is not really much dimmer than the high.
    Decent amount of light for the money, not faultless but no particularly fatal flaws.
  • Nice and strong power !..

    posted by Aliastiti

    Thisis a full aluminium bicycle Light. The look is perfect and feel serious.Fixation diameter is big !! .. the size is adjusted by plastic silicon type parts ..and screwed .
    The charger change color accordind to the level battery charge, this a good information to know about battery level .
    Strong enough on half power level, big power on maxi level , i ride 2 hours with the battery pack and can do on hour more on half power ... good product ,quality is ok, the connection beetwin ligth and battery is made by soft water proof non screwed jack, .

    posted by shayneyasinski

    I will start by saying I have about 40 dx lights and this is my favorite for many reasons, It is in the top 5 brightest lights I have and I have 2 hid lights and the big sst-90 light from here to compare it to, this light is very small in your hand yet it has a huge flood and huge spot !! It is so small my wife can take it along and forget she has it unlike the other monsters i have.
    DX is the place to buy a flashlight if you want value and quality, I have been kicked off a few forums by talking about dx and I think it is because NO ONE can match the prices they have for what you get.I have bought a few lights that have sold for over $150 and they are nothing compared to this, NOTHING!

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