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ultrafire cree t6 Customers Reviews

  • s'ok

    posted by Flav_3

    A ok flashlight for an ok price.Stupid bright for a palm sized light. Accepts many 18650 sizes (fat/long/protected/unprotected/button top or flat). Defn a plus in that category.Easy to switch modes, just double tap the reverse clickie switch. Has memory as stated. Warms up rather quick which means its somewhat decent heatsinked.Came unscratched despide the poor packaging that DX is well known for. Came in the usual 3wk time line + or - a day or two.This is a budget site so expect such products.
    Bought this as a gift for a friend, and I may consider doing it again for someone else. I might try the rest of the xxxFire line(lights NOT BATTERIES), but they all seem to bee the same mediocre quality.
    For the price(lower would be even better) I'd say go ahead, if a first light for anyone, defn. a wow factor. Just make sure you know the do's and don'ts of lithium cells.
  • This Cree XM-L T6 is impressive!

    posted by WhatsNew

    It out-shines anything else I have. For the low, price this looks like a genuine Cree XM-L. When comparing it side by side with my Led Lenzer P7 (only 180 lumen), this UltraFire E7 is easily three times as bright. The low mode is on par with the Lenzer on high. The zoom action works well.
    This will now be my everyday use flashlight. It is rugged enough and it puts out plenty of light. The beam, on narrow, easily reaches the top of a nearby 120m building. For most purposes the low setting will be sufficient.
    I chose this to get a T6 with zoom and I am well satisfied. Can recommend this product, just that you have to get used to the square led image.
  • The product that I would definitely buy again

    posted by ibilous

    Three modes only(high-mid-low). More than enough for my needs. No strobe mode as it seems useless to me on this flashlight.Bright. Suitable for bicycle rides in a traffic on high and medium modes.White LED. For me it close to day light. Preserves natural colors of surrounding objects.Wide beam. Central beam is wide enough to comfortably see road/path I'm moving on. Radial beam helps to keep myself oriented in what's going on around.
    My flashlight has head part and battery tube soldered a little inside, so I am not able to separate them. This does not influence on performance so far, just small barrier to curiosity.
    I'm using this flashlight since February 2012. Will recommend it to anyone.
  • handy but powerful flash light

    posted by jonnyclever

    Small but handy, it's really good for the pocket and every day use. With a 18650 Lithium battery and an optimized charger you have a money save solution for the dark time of each day.
    At the normal use as a flash light it's really a good choice. The red colour comes out very clear and brilliant - my daughters love it.
    No more batteries for each evening and a big amount of waste with the empty batteries - you can do something for a green and healthy future.
  • Great cost/benefit

    posted by sscss

    Top usefulness and affordable at the same time.A "must have" in your car for every emergency at night, it gives you a wide range of focusing.The 5 mode memory is perfect for using on a bike, flashing or as a beam, plenty of light to show you the way.
    You cannot deserve much more for such a price. I'm very happy with my new flashlight.
    It is worth every penny you spend on it. Great cost/benefit relation.


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