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ultrafire cree flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Probably the best mini torch sold on DX

    posted by mrmts

    Small. Very small. Small enough to put anywhere. It is about the length of my pinky finger. It's pretty bright. The Q5 is still a fairly decent emitter. The best part is the reflector. Consistent and even throughout the flood with a nice throw and a good sized hot spot. A slight orange peel on the reflector. Really, this is an amazing light for the price. I was quite surprised when I turned it on.It can tail-stand. It breaks down into only two components: the head and the body of the light. There is an oring after the threads and behind the lens and it does seem a tight fit but I wouldn't put any trust on the waterproof-ness.
    Needs a button that can do momentary on.
    I'll be getting another one or two of these.
  • Amazing in a dark night

    posted by mail2regist

    Very good light, very bright (using a 18650 rechargeable battery, SKU 19770), easy to use and comfortable to hold. Really amazing in a dark night.
    A very good flashlight that I recommend – considering that you don’t mind buying 18650 batteries, or even better, rechargeable batteries and a charger.
    It’s a pity that there isn’t a model with flood to throw adjustment possibility.
    Although I’m very happy with this buying, I think I’ll give the new UltraFire WF-502B SSC-P7-CSXO 3-Mode 900-Lumen (SKU 36357) a try. I want to find out if the advertised 900 lumen is really a big boost over mine 320 lumen model.
  • Very bright flashlight

    posted by mef1stofel

    + Very bright light;+ Light travels at a very great distance;+ There is a clip for carrying;+ Good materials;+ The lens is made of glass;+ Long battery life.
    I use this flashlight in rugged metal housing on my mountbike. I wanted to install Glow-in-the-Dark Silicone Tailcaps on this flashlight, but it will not turn on a flashlight: inside the rubber cap it is a plastic spacer.
    Good flashlight for this money. Have only one operating mode.
  • very beautiful!!

    posted by PtSkP

    I was very surprised at the goodness of the finish when reaching.
    Touch was smoothly in bright argent in the color.
    However, taking the part of LED of my solid apart was impossible though it was likely to differ depending on the lot. This is very regrettable.
    Only a single mode : the mode. It might be a performance enough for the amount
    usually used.
    CR123A×2 16340×2 18650×1 can be used.
    Because brightness is always a high-power, run time is rather short.
    Using regularly might be a little difficult.
    You may decorate as a collection, and there might not be what regretted because it buys it
    because there is a practicality enough, too.
  • al lot of light for the money

    posted by blueshift

    This flashlight feels very sturdy and pumps out an amazing amount of lumens! I also own some more expensive Cree flashlights (Jetbeam, TK) and in terms of light output, this light wins hands down (however, please see cons).
    Although the output is not nearly as high as claimed, it is still extremely bright for the money and will beat almost any other light for about the first 20 minutes of runtime. After that you will have to switch batteries or accept the lower output.
    As long as you keep a set of spare batteries with you, you will have a lot of fun lighting up your neighborhood for relatively little money.

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