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  • Extremely Bright!

    posted by madcat816

    At first I was a bit skeptical about purchasing a light from overseas, but to my surprise there were a lot of pros:
    - Ridiculously bright
    - Very tactical design
    - Clip & Lanyard
    - Fits RCR123 batteries
    - Strong body
    To fix the batteries shaking around inside.. all I did was cut a few pieces of duct tape and lined the inside of the body, which made it more snug.
    For this price you really can't go wrong, pick up a pack of Trustfire/Ultrafire protected RCR123 batteries, a charger and your set!
  • Great deal

    posted by turbomk1

    Nice light overall, seems well made. Its a nice size, easily fits in most pockets but too big for EDC. Puts out an impressive beam. I typically dont like the 5 modes, but I do like the low and medium settings for some situations. I have a 900lmn 3 mode, and the one complaint I have w/ it is that there is almost no difference from the low to high setting.
    I had this for a few weeks until a friend was visiting and ended up buying it from me, so I need to order another. Glad to see the price dropped slightly
    great light for the money.
  • amazing!!!!

    posted by omrym88

    cons: - very very very strong light - Not drains the battery, work for alot of time - the 3 modes are nice addition - has a clip to attach the flashlight to your belt
    i have mine for 2 months now and I am completely satisfied with it, Works great without any problems.Gives a surprisingly strong light for its size.Perfect gift for Dad or a friend who loves to travel outside or basically any man (or a woman afraid of the dark, just kidding).
    Definitely worth every penny, you wont regret buying it
  • Timo

    posted by TimoAhs

    Nice size. Good wide light. Uses AA battery - general powersource. I had it with me making plan for security in one place. Small, easy to use! Clip seems to be strong.
    Good work and feels good in hands. Looking nice and really easy to use whith headstrap. Maby could be good having extension for other battery..
    If you need small flashligt to be kept in pocket, good option! I consider to buy another one, cause for it's size is really easy to keep with you.
  • Bright and cheap!

    posted by brted

    Very bright, probably close to 300 lumens on a fresh battery (drawing 1.48A) to 200 lumens with the battery at 3.6V (drawing 0.81A). The 502B host looks nice with good knurling, no blemishes, no sharp edges and the bezel is not overly aggressive. Not much more expensive than just the drop-in ($4 extra) so this is a good deal. Good beam quality with a fairly tight hotspot but still larger than an XR-E. The tint is very white for the hotspot with a slightly bluish spill. Battery life is about 90 minutes down to 3.6V on a single gray protected 2400mAh Trustfire 18650. The reflector seems designed for the XP-G (the hole is smaller than an XR-E reflector and the LED sits up high enough to catch all of the light). Brighter than my Ultrafire WF-504B with 5-mode XR-E R2 and throws just as well with a larger hotspot. Even at the end of the battery life it was still just as bright as the R2 on a fresh battery. There are o-rings at all 3 body joints.
    I think this light might do better with a smooth reflector, not that there is anything wrong with the OP textured one. A light this bright probably needs lower modes (one star off of usefulness). I plan on replacing the driver with one with 3 modes. The bottom of the pill in mine has a red ring, possibly indicating a better driver (?). The drop-in was labeled Super Bright R5. The LED seems well secured to the pill. There is a paper disk over the LED board with a square hole for the LED to fit into. I did not try this light with 2xCR123A. This light has a reverse clicky. The threads and o-rings came lubed, but I cleaned them off and did it over again.
    This is a good price for an XP-G light. If you are willing to do some work on the heatsinking, it should perform fine. You will get better build quality with some of the other hosts, but if you want something cheap, this is a good deal.

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