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  • Very Good Light

    posted by stringbendr

    I got this because it has a larger and deeper reflector for a little more distance. The beam is narrow so it does focus more intensely at distant objects. The build quality is good and it fits protected 18650 Ultrafire batteries just fine.
    My current standing favorite "spotlight" is the Romisen RC-G4. SKU# 7418 even after trying out the UF-C8.

    The C8's narrow beam creates a smaller, slightly brighter hot spot at 250 feet than the RC-G4. However, the RC-G4 beam is a little wider with almost the same intensity on the same objects.
    Over all the C8 performs well, but not as well as I had hoped. The G4 remains my favorite.

    The C8 is about 3/8" larger in diameter than the G4 so it's a little bulky to carry. Fits perfectly in the "large Flashlight Holster" SKU# 1152.
  • Ultrafire C-8

    posted by gasbag11

    Very nice looking. Good build quality. Two O-rings on head and one on tailcap.Glass lens. Fit and finish are very good. No blemishes anywhere. 5 modes. Reverse clicky. It's an excellent "thrower," and should be good for long distance. It still has good useable "spill" light so you can also see things up close. 240 lumens is probably close to the actual output. It's pretty bright.
    I see no good reason for next mode memory in a flashlight. I would have rated it higher if it didn't have this type of memory.
    If you want a really nice looking light, that's anexcellent "thrower" and don't mind this type of memory, than for this price, it's a good deal.
  • amedar

    posted by amedar

    I use a lamp already half a year! It is very happy. Thanks to such reflector the spot is a little wider. Range of a luminescence certainly strikes. Very far shines. The accumulator holds enough. Certainly, at active use, I would buy one more accumulator but while also it suffices. The case is heated poorly owing to the sizes and the cut-out edges near the lamp head so for long work is suitable.
    It is necessary to think after all making so that function and memory of the last mode was supported.
    So, conclusion:The high-quality case convenient and pleasant lying in a hand. Brightness sufficient in order that all your acquaintances it is universal wanted to buy to itself same.
  • The flashlight

    posted by guillermoarg

    is real light illuminates 200m ace misty night light can be seen in the sky, easy to use push of a button, is strong when metal has weight
    None that I can currently think of at the moment
    is in the glove compartment for general use, the time that came out of normal use because illuminate distant places without having to close.Another use is for Night Paintball games, I recommend it completely and there is no hiding this flashlight at night
  • Good FlashLigth

    posted by gianmario62

    Very clear, very Bright.Low consumption. Very long battery life.I'm using it during my travel, and it work perfectly.It is very robust and the light is powerful.The range is very impressive, over 200 mt.Can be used indoor and outdoor; even with an adapter is suitable for biking.
    I cannot stay without one of these at my home, in my car, in my camping car.I have one in my bedroom, and another in my box.Each of my cars are equipped with one of these flashlight
    I reccomend this! I've purchased a lot of them for my friend and everyone is satisfied.


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