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ultrafire c3 Customers Reviews

  • Good quality, very bright, a good buy!

    posted by romandesign

    Very bright, unbelievable for such a small flashlight. Every other flashlight I have pales in comparison. Seems almost if not copletely as bright with a single AA as with two AAs, so it must have a regulator: I hear a very faint buzz in some modes if I put it to my ear. I also got 5-mode flashlight. Turns on at medium (good, brighter even on medium than 12-LED head lamp), lightly tap on the tail clickie for low, then bright (oh, yes, it's bright all right), then flashing mode, then SOS mode (very slow, but who cares), then cycles back to medium. Very well built, has rubber ring seals on every thread, feels very solid. I have to say it's much better built than I expected.
    Looks like the best bang for the buck from all the CREE flashlights here. Works on AAs (also accepts 14500 3.6V lithium battery - never tried that) - that's very convenient. I don't know why they make so many lights that only work with AAAs. They are so much more expensive.
  • Brilliant and Versatile

    posted by xub100

    this is my 6th flashlight I have purchased and it remains the #1 on my list of preferences
    I like the fact you can carry this flashlight in your pocket when using the 14500 battery, I am still looking for a holster to carry this as a 2 x AA flashlight.
    The flashlight does not seem to be much brighter using the 14500 battery,as to using the flashlight with 2 x AA batteries,If you need a versatile battery for home and garage use then this one is going to be just what you need
  • Sweet Seethreeness

    posted by Retrop

    As with other C3's...
    -Very compact and lightweight
    -Great Output
    -Beam has nice even shape
    -White light offers good color rendition
    -Comes with wrist-strap attached
    -Clean machining and anodizing
    Unique to this C3...
    -Has a GITD ring just inside the bezel, which glows a bright green color
    I have been very pleased with all three Ultrafire C3's I have bought, and I welcome new variations (like...maybe a Q5 single mode with a forward-clicky).
    Get it.
  • Tibor1

    posted by tibor

    My best flashlight....
    "phreeflow" wrote everything here below, I would like to confirm his thinkings.
    If they fixed the UI, I'd also buy a few more.
  • Great little light

    posted by squeeish

    Tactile clicky switch, with a rubber texture.Bright beam.Solid metal body with wordings CREE on one side and ULTRAFIRE on the other. Minimal design, which I like.Not heavy at all since it's aluminium I think.Strap looks durableHolster quality is better than expected.
    Battery is not included so please get one yourself.Flashlight unscrews into 3 parts. You can install the battery by unscrewing either section.Both screw threads have a rubber O-ring.
    Get this. You will never know when you need a flashlight.

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