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  • Good light, fun and performance level satisfying

    posted by Rasenkrieger

    When I decided which one of this Ultrafire models to get, I invested the extra bucks and must say the bright anodized finish on this torch is well worth it.
    Function is easy, on- off. Reliability is good, sometimes I need to turn the bezel, i.e. tighten it on the thread to maintain electric contact. Really good brightness and endurance, even when used with a single AA cell. What I read here on dealextreme was what I got!
    This is my edc light. Of course I wear a single AAA light in my pocket as well, but this is the one that saves the day when more performance is needed. I have an extra one in the house.
    Time invested in reading the reviews was well invested; Torch performs fairly well. Feels and does like a professional light, basically! A torch to me is in many aspects a simple device. It was no different when handling this nice edc light.
  • Very nice powerful flashlight

    posted by remus1033

    It shines very brightly and being able to make it the size you need, longer for better battery life or shorter for more flexibility is really neat. I was surprised by how bright it was, it is probably the brightest flashlight i've seen.
    Nice and cheap robust useable flashlight.
    Buy it!
  • Power in your pocket

    posted by Olpok

    - Very robust quality, nice shiny stainless steel, looks much more expensive than it is.- Very bright for it's size: I can light up the trees 40 meters from my house in the dark (with the beam, nit the spill). Useful spill also for nearby visibility or indoors. Lower modes for indoors available with a "half-click while the flashlight is on).- Waterproof finish with o-rings, fine quality of machining - everything fits perfectly and no machine marks visible. - The complete assembled flashlight is about the size of an average forefinger: fits in your pocket and can stay in there forever : )- prestigious looks for this small, cheap and powerful flashlight.
    - The actual length of the flashlight (measured by me) is 98 mm, not 93 mm as shown on the pictures. That was probably done to let the 14500 Li-Ion protected batteries (a but longer than AA) fit better. Of course the positive + pole of the battery must be inserted towards the led Unit. - It is bright on AA and is even brighter on 3.7 V Li-Ion 14500. - Comes back in the same modus you swithed it off, even if you swith it off and on quickly. Just perfect.- Probably this flashlight is suitable for extreme contitions like + heavy rain or even immersed under water. + a drop from several meters + acid, sandy or dusty environment- With a 14500 Li-Ion rechargable battery and a charger (both cheap and available on DX) - your cost of batteries is nearly zero in the long run.
    Why are you still reading this? Buy a couple of those : cheap, bright, fine quality, small, prestigious looks, robust, and keeps working in all possible conditions. At the current price, that's a steal. I bought 3 of those and will probably buy more.
  • A C3..with 5 modes.

    posted by shows1

    -Bright with 2xAA on high mode, but lower modes are really useful (as high mode is slightly too bright sometimes).-Starts of on Medium > Low > High > Strobe > SOS. and resets to medium if you leave the light off for around 2 minutes.-Tailswitch is sensitive (which i like...not sure if this is a pro or con)
    I use mine permanently in the 2xAA configuration for the brightness and will probably only ever use it like this.
    Erm... buy one?
  • Neat little flashlight

    posted by MANDYKK

    -Lightweight-Easy to use-Waterproof-Includes a holster-Can be used for many different purposes, I attached mine to my rifle as it`s light-Works great with the nylon mount i bought in the gun mount`s section of DX
    For the price, this is the best flashlight you can buy. Retailers near me ask 5x the price for the same quality flashlights. Do yourself a favor and get more than one of these little wonders, you wont regret it :)


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