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ultrafire c3 cree Customers Reviews

  • Wish it was more waterproofed

    posted by prandall

    - 5 modes (Medium - Low - High - Strobe - SOS)- about about bright as my 2aa fenix r100- the tubes are o-ringed and include a spot for a second ring per connection

    - glass front and aluminum reflector
    - on high 1aa lasts 3 hours? why longer than with 2aa on high?
    Good deal for around $20, i was looking for a travel light to replace my expensive fenix if it got stolen. I wish the runtime was better and it was waterproof.
  • Very good flashlight

    posted by Rysiu

    Very good build quality,glass lens,5 mode only - no more if flashlight has no memory,good fitted o-rings,Very good brigtness
    excellent EDC flashlight
    It would be nice if it has a holster included
  • Good light, fun and performance level satisfying

    posted by Rasenkrieger

    When I decided which one of this Ultrafire models to get, I invested the extra bucks and must say the bright anodized finish on this torch is well worth it.
    Function is easy, on- off. Reliability is good, sometimes I need to turn the bezel, i.e. tighten it on the thread to maintain electric contact. Really good brightness and endurance, even when used with a single AA cell. What I read here on dealextreme was what I got!
    This is my edc light. Of course I wear a single AAA light in my pocket as well, but this is the one that saves the day when more performance is needed. I have an extra one in the house.
    Time invested in reading the reviews was well invested; Torch performs fairly well. Feels and does like a professional light, basically! A torch to me is in many aspects a simple device. It was no different when handling this nice edc light.
  • Very lite and Cool light!!!

    posted by az113

    Very suitable light!
    * Powerful beam, less than my old Philips xenon 2AA torch
    * Has a Glow-In-The-Dark ring inside bezel, very cool idea!
    * It is pleasant to the touch, a qualitative covering
    * Lightweight, but the strong case
    * Good quality threads
    * Comes with wrist-strap attached
    May be 3-mode (Mid-Low-Hi) driver and forward-clicky switch be a good idea for me, but very good.
    Will buy more, all my friends wants the same torch too!
  • Perfect edc imo

    posted by 51coronet

    Small bright for the power source. Stainless steel construction. Can carry it in your pocket without the switch activating the light by accident since it is recessed near perfect amount.
    I ordered 2 both work perfect so far.
    Stainless steel for great durability. Not big, not heavy. Great EDC for my needs.

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