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  • Good light, fun and performance level satisfying

    posted by Rasenkrieger

    When I decided which one of this Ultrafire models to get, I invested the extra bucks and must say the bright anodized finish on this torch is well worth it.
    Function is easy, on- off. Reliability is good, sometimes I need to turn the bezel, i.e. tighten it on the thread to maintain electric contact. Really good brightness and endurance, even when used with a single AA cell. What I read here on dealextreme was what I got!
    This is my edc light. Of course I wear a single AAA light in my pocket as well, but this is the one that saves the day when more performance is needed. I have an extra one in the house.
    Time invested in reading the reviews was well invested; Torch performs fairly well. Feels and does like a professional light, basically! A torch to me is in many aspects a simple device. It was no different when handling this nice edc light.
  • Very good flashlight

    posted by Rysiu

    Very good build quality,glass lens,5 mode only - no more if flashlight has no memory,good fitted o-rings,Very good brigtness
    excellent EDC flashlight
    It would be nice if it has a holster included
  • The most carried flashlight is the best flashlight

    posted by FiveSeven

    Small light with plenty of output. This is my second unit. I bought a black one with holster also a month or two back. Works best with 14500 (highest output). AA as backup is a great idea but not the brightest on single AA lights out there. With the 14500, I would say this unit easily does 80-100 Lumens. On 14500, it outclasses my Streamlight Scorpian xenon with two 123 Li Ions (I compared this light b/c it used to be my favorite carry along for light and portable light).
    Great intermitten emergency light to carry in the pocket or car glove box. Have spare AAs for backup lighting with knowledge that AA is exactly that... just a backup.
    However, this light would be a great supplement as a backup light to a your primary light. I do a lot of night hiking and this is my choice to attach to my pants or backpack light that you forget.
    Mine came with a little nick on the front bezel due to shipping and the noted marks/prints on the LED surface.
    Like the title says: The light you always have with you is the best light that pays for itself in dividends. The size is coercive to just throw in your pocket and forget you have it until you need it.
    Best lumen output for this size light on a 14500 with the limitation of run time.
  • Great Flashlight!

    posted by miffokarnevalen

    Very bright light and small size.Really flexible to be able to use both AA (one or two depending on the size/brightness you need) or a 14500.
    I really don't understand the flashing modes, but since it's got memory it's not that big of a deal as you don't have to go through the modes every time you start it.
    I have a flashlight since before that uses 3 AAA batteries and have 9 more regular high intensity LEDs. I've always thought that that one was good throwing usable light 10-15 meters ahead. I could not dream of that a flashlight this small could eat my old one for lunch, but there is really no comparison. Even when using only one AA battery the Ultrafire C3 is way way brighter and it's probably less than half the size.If you're looking for a small flashlight that is actually small enough have on the key ring (with one AA battery), that is bright enough to throw a usable beam of light at least 50 meters, then look no futher.
  • nice lamp!

    posted by Eduardva

    wow, this was my first flashlight i orderd on Dealextreme, and WOW. befor this i had just normal led flashlights. but this.. is soooo bright if you compare them! and so easy with only 2 AA batteries.it beats the hell out of a 3D cell light-bright light-nice flood/trow-just 2AA batteries-also 1 AA batery option
    it was my first extreme led light, now i got also some stronger ones, but i still love it!
    nice price, and u dont have to but special batteries, just buy in your lokal store a pack of AA bateries.


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