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ultrafire c2 flashlight

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ultrafire c2 flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Not sure it's the best on the market

    posted by maaboo

    * Solid case, i think it's waterproof
    * Multi-mode (5 modes): Hi-Mid-Lo-SOS-Strobe
    * Has optional (sold separately) tactical switch
    * Only one 18650
    I use it as bike headlight (mount sold separately) not as flashlight. My requirements was: one 18650 for power, maximum lumens, solid metal case and probably it's met them all may be except lumens.
    I don't think that i did the best choice, but it's a good choice.
  • Mixed bag

    posted by Jangle

    Very bright. Good runtime.
    Good build quality - if you get a good one. Throws very well with useful spill, although I'd like even more spill.
    I bought two of these a couple of weeks apart. The first one is very good;- Great build quality, nice finish. The second one is nothing like it;- poor build quality, rough threads, didn't work properly on the first battery I tried (which is fine in the other C2), but is ok on other batteries. I'd return it but for the inconvenience.
    If you're luck enough to get a good one, it's well worth it. Great item. But as I have seen first hand, build quality varies greatly.
  • Bright and cheap. My brightest torch to date.

    posted by thekanester

    Seems to use the Q5 quite well, produces bright warm beam. Not a hint of blue.Well built torch. Compact but solid.Good throw for an LED but with good flood as well. I love the oversized OP head.
    I'd like to have a Q5 torch in a smaller form factor, but I'm not sure how you could dissipate enough heat!
    Very bright and a great price. I love this torch and would recommend it to anyone. I have the 5-mode one on order too. It will be interesting to do a comparison with these two torches.

    Buy one!
  • Good but not perfect

    posted by ozzy666

    Excellent form factor,very compact and light.LED pill is sturdy and has large and solid contact area with body via thread(unlike MTE P7)for thermal control
    Good runtime of over 100min(in expense of brightness )Could be a good host
    Will try to drive it with eight AMC7135(the only problem with AMC7135 that it will regulate from 6v to 3.8v meaning that with 18650 you only have 4,2v to 3.8 short range)Reflector design is not suitable for that light.Large flat area on reflector around the hole creates tight spot and cuts the light around.But MC-E is not a thrower. Spot intensity and distance is the same as much more useful,flood type MTE Seoul P7 with medium angle reflector.When i put MTE P7 reflector on C2 MC-E i got the same spot and "wall of light" around.So the problem for me now is where to find that short 20mm suitable for C2 reflector without flat bottom.
    Good but far from perfect
  • Great host, very versatile

    posted by chrisandhiace

    Great host...relatively small and lightweight...good price...everything you need except the led and driver.The reflector gives a good wide flood, but also projects very well.Its xr-e /mc-e sized...but an xp-g works well in it and it could be drilled out to accept P7
    To get the right spacing between led and reflector I use a ring of thick copper earth wire at the end of the pill thread...you can hammer the earth wire flat if required.For led-reflector isolator I use thin white ptfe sheet cut to size.You'll need thermal setting grease to fit led to pill...and non setting for threads at the head
    My favourite host performance wise.The reflector is well suited to XP-G emitter..though the hole is bigger than xp-g a white ptfe isolator helps reflect.With xp-g the beam is a very thick light sabre that goes a long, long way...as far as any p60 type but thicker.Obviously Q5 and R2 emitters fit...work well, but the XP-G is better.Dx don't sell xpg stars at time of writing..mine have 14mm carefully centred stars..but 20mm are available for a snugger fit...just not at dx yet.The reflector shape also gives a wide spread of flood.There's nothing to lose at this price and you can just keep updating the emitter as new ones become available

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