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ultrafire blue flashlight

Check out the great ultrafire blue flashlight to see if there is any that suits you. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Customers who purchased ultrafire blue flashlight also viewed ultrafire c2 flashlight, flashlight ultrafire t6. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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ultrafire blue flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Love this product

    posted by fireworks2nite

    This little torch is the perfect size for travelling and to keep beside the bed. Easy to turn on - the button is at the base of the torch.Comes with a strapVery bright LED lightGreat scope in the dark.
    Was able to engrave my daughter's name on her torch. Personalized, it became a very special present.Colours are bright and attractive.
    Great torch for self, children, the car etc.Order batteries from DX at time of purchase
  • Love the color

    posted by brted

    Pretty color. Anodizing seemed good without any flaws or chips and the colors of the different parts match up pretty well. Machining is good. Threads are a little chalky, but smooth. O-rings at all joints. No flicker and the (kind of loud) clicky works well. The negative battery contact is a little button instead of just a spring, which I like. Doesn't switch modes on its own even if I knock it pretty hard.
    The 501B is a pretty lightweight design, only 73g compared to 93g for the 502B and 96g for a silver 504B. There tail threads are bare, so there is no lockout by unscrewing the tailcap, but that's pretty typical. There is a plastic disk at the front end of the battery tube that will keep the battery contained if you unscrew the head or throat. I took one of these out of a 502B I had, but a protected XTAR 2600 18650 fits snugly lengthwise even with the disk in place, so I might leave it. Width-wise the XTAR fits fine. The head and throat threads are anodized, which will probably stop some heat transfer.
    If you already have plenty of drop-ins, this is a decent host to have. It may not be the best for high-power XM-L drop-ins due to the light weight and poor heatsinking, but you can improve the heatsinking if you need to.
  • Outstanding performance

    posted by Fulmen

    Extremely powerful for it's size, my other LEDS are getting a bit old and outdated so maybe this isn't as impressive as I feel but it's still a very powerful flashlight considering it's size.
    Not really, it's a flashlight.
    I'm buying more of these for the car, boat, bike, bedroom, anywhere I'd possibly need a handy light.
  • My second one

    posted by stefanj

    Best price anywhere. Actuially a cool blue light that will make flourescent stickers glow in a dark room. Nice wrist strap. Glass lens
    Gave this to my daughter- she has a red and green one already so now here collection is complete.
    Hey for this price they are fun bright colored lights. Oh maybe you can track blood trails with these (It has been years since I hunted)
  • Nice looking light!

    posted by fmcfmc

    Arrived unblemished, the light looks great. Single mode, Smooth reflector, & no disco or blinky modes. Can be fully dis-assembled - no glued threads, etc.
    Would have been nice to have a more powerful driver, but as it is, it's a bright torch with good run-time. I'd also like to see a forward switch, especially in a single-mode light such as this one.This is a great starter light, or a 'gift light'.
    I'd buy it again. You know you want it.

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