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Finding your favorite ultrafire battery charger is easy in our product catagories. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Of course, you can find them from nikon battery charger, rechargeable battery charger. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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ultrafire battery charger Customers Reviews

  • Now your playing with power

    posted by Shwell

    -Value-Combo pack-compact (Easy to transport)-Great output and longevity in a small package
    Quick and convenient system at a fraction of the cost of regular NIMH batteries.
    A great package to get you going quickly. The Cons listed above are really non issues. These Batteires offer great output anf reliability in a small safe package. Charger is nice and compact which is great for travel needs.
  • Very good offer

    posted by UNKnowNGD

    Bought for the camera. It's the charger and two rechargeable battery in a small plastic box. They came at once with a full charge - so indicates the charger and the camera down. Discharge had not yet, so I do not know how much is enough. Charging can charge some other batteries - enough to remove the spacer.
    It turns out favorably, even if the batteries will work only once =)
    But I hope that they have worked for longer. For comparison, we have a non-rechargeable batteries such costs on average about 150 rubles.
  • Great battery charger!

    posted by tylermcdermott

    -Great value battery charger for this price.
    -This charger will charge just about any rechargeable lithium battery you can fit in it if you know how to properly use it.
    -Has the ability to switch between 3.2v and 3.7v by a switch on the side.
    -Has the ability to switch between mA ratings by a switch on the side.
    -The charging cable is detachable for easy transport and storage.
    Overall I would recommend this charger. For the cost of the unit and the vast array of batteries your able to charge with it the deal is worth it. Just use caution when loading batteries onto it. Also if you don't fully understand the instructions and what settings to use I suggest finding help online before simply guessing as it's possible to explode certain batteries under the wrong settings.
  • Good charger for the price

    posted by hondagourou

    Nice case, slim and efficient.
    Come with a power cord. (look very cheap but i change it with a bettter one)
    The diode show the state of use. (charging and done)
    4.2V end of charge. Don't check the current or charging voltage.
    It may be better but do the job very well.
    Single cell.
    Very good for the price. Match with the cell from the same manifacturer. The led flash to green to show you the charger check the state of charge wile charging.
  • nice but needs some modding

    posted by phoenix922

    Very handy lil charger came with a 12v dc car adapter, didnt come with ac cord but its just a figure 8 so no big deal, the 2 side connectors aren't connected and folded in so needs modding to the board so u can charge CR123A batteries, or just use a spacer on the longer slots either way it gets the job done and fast with good charge.
    Great lil charger the 12v option is nice if you go camping and use this for your flash light etc i personally like this lil charger its great for chaging my SpiderFire LC-16340 3.6V 880mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (sku 13927)
    great charger if u need a good lil portable charger for lithium batteries.


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