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ultrafire 700 lumen Customers Reviews

  • Good solid light, bright

    posted by dct73

    It looks well built and feels hefty in the hand.
    It works every single time I hit the switch with no flickering or buzzing noises.
    This has mode memory and I'd never buy a multi mode without it.
    Threads weren't lubed but are well cut and smooth.
    Good o-rings
    The clicky switch has a perfect feel. I wish all my lights had this switch.
    The anodizing is nice and even.
    Clip keeps it from rolling away when you lay it down.
    I haven't used the clip much yet, but it looks decent.
    Bright but floody light. Would be a good work light, not a big thrower. Lights up my whole back yard.
    Ceiling bounce indicates more lumens then my Q5. Also nice warm color.
    I like the really low low. Sometimes you just don't want 400 lumens! I think it would give outstanding run time on low also, but I haven't tested it.
    Current draw on hi seems well matched to the heat sinking of the body. It will get hot but not too hot to hold.
    This is my first 502B. Heat transfer area from the drop in to the body looks questionable. I would much prefer a screw in pill. If I can figure a decent way to transfer heat to body better, I may upgrade the driver.
    I'd like to talk to just one person that actually uses the strobes/sos stuff.
    This is a quality light for a pretty decent price. Where else can you get an MC-E for 23 bucks?
  • powerfull and warm

    posted by kanarie

    very bright, solid build (same housing as the skyray sku 32749), stong coating Three modes: low, High, slow strobe (about 7Hz). memory function (if you turn it of for more than 5 sec it will turn on in the same mode). no PWM ! very warm color (pink gold)can backstand and has anti roll grooves
    tailcap measurements High full battery 2,6Alow full battery 0,09Ahigh half full battery 1,86Alow half full battery 0,09A
    A rock solid light if you are looking for a flashlight with a warm output
  • OK but somewhat low current

    posted by hoffib

    Glass lens. Build quality pretty good (better than most 501b/502b hosts I have). Threads lubed (except the tail cap).
    Single mode is great if you need it.
    Good spill, somewhat wide beam (might be a con too). Beam a lot wider than for example Q5 pills have. Quite bright (see cons).
    Battery life probably good (see cons).
    As with all small pills, this does not conduct heat to the outer shell well. I'll wrap some copper foil around it to improve heat transfer. Without improvements you'd risk overheating the pill for a longer running time.
    At 1,5A heat problems are less than I expected. No terribly hot outer shells for a longer run.
    I'll probably check on the driver, if somewhat higher current could be modified.
    I'll be using this as a bike light (helmet mount). Wide beam is great for my use. I'd prefer two-mode and a bit higher maxinum current.
    This will suit my needs.
  • Nice color, low quality

    posted by langedaenen

    Warm colorWide beam if you need it.Single mode operation for quick use.Does not get hot
    After wrapping the alu foil, the light does not get hot at all, so this a pro! I ordered a new reflector, a smooth one, it throws a lot further. Only a small hole in the middle left.I like the "upgrade" of this lense.sku.5955 just unscrew lense and switch them.
    Good warm light if you want to handle/see some detailed or small objects in the dark!But it needs some modding to make it as pleasant as it is now!

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