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  • Seem To work Well

    posted by 74Sharps

    They are what they is!The capacity seems to be in the ballpark. They don't have a protection circuit to go wonky on you.No doubt they have a higher capacity than a protected cell would have or, are shorter.
    There aren't a lot of devices that use 18500's, but if you need this size, these are quite acceptable..
    The lights I use these in have protection built into the circuitry, so no problems here. They work for me!.
  • Does its job

    posted by GGreige

    -looks good
    -charges well
    -has adjustable voltage
    -has adjustable current for bigger or smaller batteries
    -Looks like it has gold plated contacts
    -can charge almost any Li-Ion battery
    -checks voltage ever 2 seconds or so
    The charger shipped to me pretty fast...
    Worked straight out of the package, I bent the plug to fit inside a Australian wall outlet
    I could probably replace the wires inside the railing with silicone wire and it would get rid of the problem where the railing gets stuck
    Good charger with nice looks and functionality
    Buy it!
  • Nicely packaged, fair capacity

    posted by neyluz

    The battery has a protected circuit.The color of the battery is nice (grey).The wrapper is wrapped tight around the cell, which prevents getting stuck in a flashlight.Supplied with a nice storage case.Same dimensions as normal AA battery's.
    Storage case holds up to four 14500's. Would be nice to sell them in pairs of 4.
    Good product, capacity is good. Nice color, protected battery. Same dimensions as normal AA battery's.
  • Good cells, but need more consistent mfg

    posted by JSRJSR

    - Works great.- Protected.- Low priced.- Good capacity.
    One of my cells came with a portion of the protection circuit and conductive strip sticking out, causing it to not fit in virtually any of my lights. Other cells were fine.
    They work great if you get cells that are a consistent diameter with no parts jutting out.
  • 18650 3.7V 2600mAh Lithium Batteries

    posted by Faliceuta

    - These have turned out to be very reliable, rechargeable lithium batteries.
    - They have a good service life when used in UltraFire C2-T60 CREE XM-LT6 5-Mode 1200-Lumen Memory White LED Flashlight and UltraFire V6-T60 XM-LT6 5-Mode 975-Lumen White LED Flashlight.
    - The charge time is fast and the shelf life is excellent.
    - Are two units in the package.
    - Bring a box of protection.
    - Give much light output for a long time.
    I have the charger with the charger UltraFire 3.6/3.7V Battery Charger that giving a load very fast and very efficient.
    Very good batteries.

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